How to understand the law of reality

          Today I would like to talk about how to understand the law of reality, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are neglecting the law of reality and they start to make an excuse until they don’t know how to come back to the reality, in the law of reality whether we like it or not, we must face the uncomfortable treatment and we must be ready how to accept the pain from life, if we don't accept it, life will ruin our days, the reality will dominate the human's sense, there is no other rule how to hide the law of reality, the main point how to understand about law of reality is we can't hide our feeling to reject the reality, but reality will reflect our prophecy in the future, we can't manipulate the law of reality, so that we must make good preparation how to learn something new in our destiny.

Now we must to know about the simple rule in this life; reality is mostly go against with the human’s expectation and normally the law of reality will not follow the human’s decision, if human wants reality follow the human expectation, human must possess the value oriented, if human being don’t want to accept the reality’s rule, human being will be intimidated by the life’s treatment, when people just focus on what they don’t want to do, human will find difficulty about the revolution, please remember that self-potential can be improved by individual person but in the limited area you don’t need to improve anything because that is not human's job, so let miracle will work and improve your unique such as wisdom and freedom.

 The reason human don’t want to follow the law of reality because they always try to copy what other people’s possession, reality will push you down when you magnify about the human expectation, if you want to succeed, you are not allowed to break the reality rule by doing something contrary with your limitation, such as you are paying debt the new house for 10 years, in fact you can't afford to pay in cash, now the question is, who wants to accept the law of reality? If you can't pay more than you can afford, that means you will not pay the wisdom, if you can't pay attention to your wisdom, your limitation will not grow up as result you are going to crush your career, the law of reality says “don’t push yourself to take new responsibility when you have limited resources in your mindset”. that means you are going to plan to fail unwittingly

 The reason why I prohibit you to take new responsibility because risk is coming when you don’t know how to bear it, so don’t just follow the majority people who advise you to take new responsibility, before you take new responsibility, you would better to learn the object you want to know, dig your potential by growing your curiosity until you have been inspired by a chance, don’t change the reality or you will be suffered a lot unwittingly.