Is it good enough to buy something that we can’t earn money?

          Today I would like to talk about how to prioritize saving some money, the reason I choose that topic because many people around me underestimate how to save more money, most people tend to pay something expensive that they can’t pay in cash, that’s money oriented, oh come on you are not money making machine, please keep your tongue; when you buy something expensive rather than you can afford, oh my gosh, you are going to ruin your career because you just depend your career on limitation, please take a note; when people resist the law of reality, they are starting to put the label “the unworthy person” to their mindset, if you stick together with that label into your mind, you will not get sleeping peacefully because you feel distress because you lose your own game of life, you can't follow other people's principle continuously, the bad idea is when you don’t use your clear mindset to see the reality, automatically you  will use your feeling of satisfaction to gain the new suffering.

Please remember; the man who is deliberately pushing himself to take new responsibility bigger than his capability, life is going to destroy him and he will lose the power of faith, the reason why money can’t make someone to be rich because money is not bringing the value, but money is just facilitating the human’s satisfaction and money is just teaching human how to be money oriented person, not becoming the value oriented person if you want to be worthy person, don’t just earn money every day, you need to know the characteristic of money, when you let the money to influence you by buying everything, you will work forever, in this life, being rich person is not enough, all you need to do is spreading your unlimited potential, that's simple way how to attract the new resources like a money and partnership, before you buy something, you must learn how to influence the money to enslave your wisdom, so my advice to you is before you intend to buy something expensive, you need to know when the money will stop working to you, if you don't know when the money will stop working to you, then you must sell your fortune immediately.

Here is the additional lesson, if you want to buy something, you must know how to sell your expertise as well, if you just know how to buy and you don’t know how to sell your potential, your power of mentality is useless and it’s not growing up, if you just rush to buy something expensive and make a debt contract easily, the money will not let you keeping good ideas and you let money to ruin your creativity instantly, it’s seriously. So don’t brag yourself by depending your life is on paying debt or paying the bill because money obviously can't lend you the unlimited power, instead money will teach you how to enslave your desire to work for money for everlasting, I don’t know how much money you have now, but when you want to get freedom in your life, you need to free your mind from limitation such money, money is just facilitation, don’t ride the money because it will make you living only, but when you let yourself riding to your own masterpiece, you make fortune and you create new living.