What I need to do when I am lazy

             Today I would like to talk about “what I need to do when I am lazy?” the reason why I choose about that topic because most people admit that they are being lazybones when they think the activity they made in the past took a lot of energy or took a lot of risk, so there’s another reason why people get laziness easily because they don’t have long term plan and they don’t want to make a dream, so whatever they take in short term activity, it’s will not give a lot of inspiration to them, I myself also easily get laziness, but I defeat my laziness with strong reason and strong belief, how to stop laziness is I usually stop focusing about my own desires and try to take care of other people who may need my help.

             If you feel that you are lazy, that indication you don’t have business at the short term period and you don’t have eagerness to fulfill your business plan in the future, so there is no new future as long as you don’t want to start your own mission, the behavior of laziness can grow up when you just watch yourself in the laziness, please take a note;  the new future will not guide you to the new chance as long as you fill in your days with your fixed mindset and bury the future’s time by digging the unproductive mistakes in the past.

             If you really want to against your laziness, the first thing you must do is you need to make self-punishment and push yourself to make long term target and pull the power of perseverance to be embedded in your vision, besides that you need to make a list about the daily target and due date schedule in order to make you feel rush and that habit will make you think that you don’t have much time to complaint because you need to rescue yourself before the regret story will be counted in your life, regret will punish you for everlasting when you choose to stick together with your comfort zone, don’t just try to depend on working hard style because it will immobilize your creativity, beside that you need to try how to inspire more people in order to get power of attention and the power of feedback from other people.

            Laziness is not part of habit, but there is unproductive decision within human’s mentality and human being prefer to repeat the laziness’s order to their mindset, please remember; if you always accept ordinary in your life, you will not accept the extraordinary in your life, but if you feel extra an ordinary guy, you will start to do different thing when other people don’t do.