When we can become a security person?

        Today I would like to share about the topic “when we can become a security person?” the reason why I choose the topic because many people don’t know how to differentiate between becoming a security person and opportunity oriented person, at this moment I would elucidate the meaning of a security person, a security person is type of person who doesn’t want to introduce himself to the opportunity anymore because he thinks he is entering to solitary zone, remember when you are getting older around 50 years old, you will become a security person because you will think you are not as strong as you were yesterday, this idea will lead you to the new  place where it doesn't provide new resources and new better place, i will remind you; do not try to cling your mistake in the past because you will fail to convince yourself how to live wisdom and freedom, security person is not entitled to have wisdom and freedom in his life because he always cling the mistakes all the time.

          Don’t become a security person when you are still young, (less than 50 years old) because you will lose strong desire and you will lose your biggest value in your time, my advice to you is “always being new guy in every single day and always desire to accept mistakes when you are still young because you will become the expert when you are older”, furthermore; don’t ever think you will be security person when you are still young because you will lose the power of perseverance and the power of faith, reason why i say that because a security person doesn't believe about his growth in the future.

            Please note; there is no longevity security program in this world, only human's mindset will take it when human start to desperate, So when you are still young, you must collect the experience of life as much as you can, so during that time period you will learn the feedback and you will know yourself more than anyone else does, the most fantastic moment is you can't be bored in your life because you take opportunity and you always invent new thing in your potential, so every minute the opportunity will count how many days you are prophesying about your own future, don’t ever say you are too young to get new experience because a man who doesn’t recognize his own value, he definitely underestimates his rest of time being and he will do anything with regret, only grateful person will prepare the best seed for his own future, he knows his potential will grow up naturally like a seed, please remember; security person will not meet new chance because he doesn’t know how to differentiate between chance and past moment, only progressive person will collect the mistake in failure.

Don’t wait you are getting older then you start to accept new chance because every chance doesn’t compromise, it's too late, time equals with a chance, whether you like it or not, everyone has 24 hours, you must steady your mind because you will accept largest value of time, only starter will accept the challenge and only loser will imagine the mistake”