When we can start to surrender?

          Today I would like to talk about the question “when we can start to surrender?” the reason why I choose the topic because most people are planning to fail at the first career once they don’t find the right answer, in the fact life is always mysterious and we should not stop at the moment when we are still trying because the miracle is on the way and it will tell you how to make better decision, there’s always mysterious moment will count your effort and it doesn’t stop counting, before we try to stop trying, we should remember how hard you have started at the first time and how much time you invested for it, don’t just keep waiting something doesn’t complete, don't just wait for nothing because waiting doesn't change everything, you would better to think about  how to take rest when you are exhausted during trying to survive, don't worry about your effort because all your efforts will be transformed into the ultimate power and it will be utilized to break the wall of your patience.

I really understand you really tough to achieve your dream, no matter how hard you start to make good career, you must ensure you are not lack of information, you need to change your strategy to determine a new path, the reason why I choose that advice because every critical strategy will lead you to the unexpected way and you will be surprised about the new result, you may not be able to do how to find out the solution but you should find all you can do in short term, do it as if you were in training class before you pass the test, we can’t do anything better as long as we don’t want to pass the test.

All you need to do before surrendering at the first career is be curious person who wants to know about new thing in this universe, that’s the key how to prevent us from surrendering action, if you stop wondering about the universe, so that your imagination will be stuck in your surrendering action, so make sure you always collect the information in order to make us enlightened, use your best version of your skill to make another step of your career, don’t worry, your career will not disappear as long as you don't give up entirely.

Please remember; if you don’t employ your potential, you will forfeit it's value because potential within you will be perished, so you must against the time when you want to struggle defending your next career, you need to tick your valuable time and do what seem possible you can do, don’t just wait someone else to fix you, or your potential will be dead as much as the time you used it to wait, I know your feeling is going down when your career is going to ruin, but all condition can be exchanged with your asset, all you need to do during you have asset is flourishing your asset until one day it will grow in unexpected way.