Why the limitation is not the same as the weaknesses?

          Today I would like to share about the question “why the limitation is not the same as the weakness, there is reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t know how to differentiate between limitation and weakness, most of them are just following their weakness and not trying to become the best version in every single day, it’s not obligation to follow my advice, at least you have something you want to explore and you have preparation how to explore your potential and accept your limitation, please remember; limitation is not kind of curse or it’s not kind of the God’s punishment, limitation is sign that you are limited edition and you are the priceless creature in this universe, it’s not issue whether you like or not with God’s creation, He is supreme know it all, He is planning something big for your longevity happiness and prosperous, the human’s limitation is not part of desperation program but it’s part of the natural seeds and it can grow by itself.
the limitation is not something blocked in your front, but it's your fixed mindset

By that it mean, you can change your weakness but don’t ever try to change your limitation with your own creativity by creating something unnaturally to something naturally such as drawing your skin with tattoos, shaving off your eyebrow, change skin’s color, etc. the reason why I prohibit to change your limitation because everything you create in your limitation, s result it will be perishing and it’s not staying forever, so in my opinion, don’t focus on your limitation but focus on your potential within your soul, keep exploring, build skill until you get insatiable curiosity,  please remember; weakness is not completely ending to become weakness as long as human doesn’t accept it as the gift, the truly weakness from human being is being the truly ignorant and accept their mediocre.
use your limitation to escape from the past moment

I wish everybody in this world didn’t deserve to accept weakness because every weakness is just the temporary failure from the human capability, and weakness can become greatness as long as human are activating their passion and have vision to answer their insatiable question for collecting new enlightenment, human is the unique creature, every human’s decision will change something useless becoming useful thing, every greatness within human’s potential is always being covered by the hardest skin such as the pearl within sea shell, if human don’t do something consistently, they will lose the desire value in time and their potential will be perished by the time being, please note; the human’s limitation can’t be redesigned by changing the shape or changing the prototype, all we can do with our limitation is making it clean and tidy.


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