Why money uncountable

          Today I would like to share about the topic why money uncountable because the money’s transaction is very difficult to be counted, difficult to be controlled and it’s very difficult to be predicted where it always been, the money’s speed can enter to any unknown situation and condition without informing us, as long as there is market place in our surrounding area and there’s transaction between the seller and buyer, that's the most favorite place from money's point of view, that's the reason money is belonged to uncountable stuff, as human being, we can't stand and continuously to live in market like money does, that's why human can't live longer when they just rely on the money's purpose, if human insist to live side by side and follow the money's principle, we are going to be slavery, not to be king or queen of the money, so we need to avoid the money's principle and we need to change the system in every market in this world like this "money's proposes, GOD's disposes", if you contemplate about this world,  i am sure you are having an uncountable potential to rule the money's game.

         Money will not develop by itself when we don’t start to open the key how to distribute money where it usually goes, so basically money needs a marketer like us, and we need to become a connector where we can employ the money to flow freely without any disturbance, please remember; money will not come to join the transaction when we don't make the channel which is connecting between money and market place ,that's money's unique principle, let the channel works for us and let's trust the process.

Please don’t let your soul get affected easily by money because money has an authority and it can erase our conscience mind and sell our self-worth for free when we insist to follow what money desires, so we must watch over with it, money has the outrageous power to increase or decrease the people’s degree, when we don’t know about the money’s rule, we will let money to enslave us till we are becoming the desperate person.

Here is the negativity about money’s characteristic, the first impact is money will make you forget about your resourcefulness, the second impact is money is going to teach you how to create the unproductive activity in every single day after you receive money, the third impact is money will not let your idea is changing your habit, in addition money will seduce you with many promotion until you will leave your masterpiece, the more you pursue the money, the more you feel uncomfortable, the more you attract your skill, the more you open opportunity for money to come, it’s law.

No matter how chaotic your mind, money can’t be persuaded to follow what you want because money has principle, so money is designed not to make you happy, but it can help you how to build happiness, money is not interested with your dream or your plan, money just wants to deal with your emotional intelligence, there is one way how to enslave money; fishing money with human’s value, here is the bait; increase your interest value, self-esteem, increase your wisdom, clear your goal, make discipline program, all those value will let you focus to enslave money.

Why money can’t buy happiness

Today I would like to share how to answer the question "why money can’t buy happiness?", the simple way how to answer that question; happiness and money are not equal each other, every happiness is belonged to the human’s emotional intelligence whereas money is facilitator to buy the worldly goods, so happiness doesn’t come from the worldly goods but happiness definitely comes from the progress, the more progress we make, the more fortune we get, the more fortune we give, the more happiness we receive, that's law.

 when you consider money can make you feel better, please remember it's just temporary condition which is running in the short term, you are going to taste bitter when you focus how to get money, besides that the purpose of the money is money will push you harder and harder in order to receive more money, but in another way your creativity is being locked from reality because money doesn't like you to possess an idea and creativity, the worse plan is being made by money is money wants to seduce you, the more money you earn, money will exchange your happiness with satisfaction and money insists you how to become a money making machine, starting from now, you need to retool your attitude about money, when you change your curiosity about money, your curiosity will not attract the money but your curiosity will find another route how to make money approaching with something bigger.

Money will come to you when you know how to win the money game, the definition of money game is money will serve the game and it will offer someone to follow the rule, this is very unique because people will start to play the money's game in order to know which side will win from this game, money or people? I will let you know how to buy happiness, if you are willingly to buy happiness, please forget about money and start to create happiness by giving something benefit to other people and make sure something you give which is not connected with money, by that it means, we sell our knowledge value, happiness is having opposite meaning with money, sometimes in order to get happiness, people need to build their creativity and give the result to others with the unconditional love, that’s the only way how to create source of happiness.

Sometimes people's attitude need to be tested with uncomfortable thing if they want to get wealthy, the reason why they must deal with test because wealthy demands responsibilitythe more responsibility we take, the more power will insist us to grow and mature, we can’t grow up when we just depend our live on money, the reason I say that because money will leave us when we don’t have law of attraction.

Why money is important

          Today I would like to share about the function of money; some people ask; why money is important, every people agree that money is facilitator and money can help us to buy worldly goods in this world, but now I would like to categorize three kind of human’s attitude when they have a lot of money in their savings, the first type of person; he considers amount of money have power to exchange between happiness and sadness, the second type of person; he considers money can be employed for fulfilling the satisfaction problem such as lifestyle, fashion, etc. the third type of person is he considers money is just leverage, by that it means money can leverage our standard of living, money can leverage our knowledge, money can leverage our social status in the neighborhood and money can be used to leverage people’s career, now my question is which type of person are you?

 Now I will widen your gaze how to understand about the difference between facility and stuff, money is an ordinary stuff where it has fixed nominal price within it whereas facility is something benefit which can be used by human to support what people need, all I say it’s “priceless”, if you understand how to use money for right purpose, you will consider money is not too important otherwise it’s unimportant thing, the reason i say like that because money is less valuable than you and money can't work without human's emotional intelligence, please note; you will lose your significant value if you worship money or you consider money as the most valuable thing in this life.

in the new century 21st people consider money as the most important stuff on earth because some people can't find the most valuable thing on earth, that’s reasonable reason why money is important for them, if you really want how to make money working for you continuity, your emotional intelligence needs to seduce money, by that it means, when you consider your emotional intelligence is having more valuable than sum of money, you will work for making an asset in order to attract the money, this purpose is intended to make money working for you everlasting.

 If you fail how to employ your emotional intelligence, you finally will work for money, as impact you will exhaust your valuable time and you will exhaust your physical value because you have drained your limitation, I myself will not agree when I choose to work for money in everlasting time because i know my limitation can't work for me, so I need to change my mindset with painful changes, then I choose to leave my old working habit at that time and start to create masterpiece, here is the important clue how to change your mindset; imagine money is like flowing water where it’s having unstoppable moment as long as there’s always market place, whereas utility is the pipe building design sometimes we don’t realize that everyone has pipe building design within their mindset, but we intend to ignore and we try to equivocate our focus by distracting with some of money, here is another clue how to get financial freedom title; don't focus on money but focus how to build pipe building, if you focus on pipe's building, money will flow inside the pipe and money follows where our pipe design is going.

How to manage anger

Today I would like to share how to manage anger, the reason I choose that topic because everyone has problem about anger, the main reason why anger is showing and disturbing to the people in daily activity because they give opportunity to anger growing up freelyanger is like an environment, when you don't let yourself get affected with environment situation, you will become as you always been, you must train yourself how to become a good influence maker, not pushing environment to pursue your capacity,the main reason why we get angry easily because we let our feeling of anger to taste too much expectation from unexpected condition and we feed feeling of anger with sadness, furthermore, anger is becoming bigger and more dangerous when we blow up the anger with demanding process the final result, not respecting the journey of life.

 we can't always be right person, sometimes we need to enjoy the moment and think how to neutralize anger with respecting the long process, the first thing we must do how to manage anger is stop resisting the law of reality and accept the failure, the reason why I suggest like that because the majority problem is coming from our attitude, please remember; getting the untrustworthy information is the beginning process how to make anger bigger, don't let ourselves receive any information without prove it until alright, we need to train our emotional intelligence until our emotional intelligence is telling us "anger is irrational, don't follow it and let's do something great until anger can't finish through to the end", that's maturity’s characteristic.

Please take note that feeling of anger will not come automatically, it will come when it has received the trigger from our inability to control human’s psychology, power is nothing without control, basically everybody can defeat the anger but why most people have been defeated by anger because they don’t have resourcefulness to control resources, the second thing we must do how to manage anger is we must stay away from the pollutant zone which may influence us to get angry, beside that we need to change our life’s history with new story, the key how to reduce anger is making distracting your focus by making new story, by that i mean; you need to do something differently or make idea to attract the opportunity in every single day, the more you attract the opportunity to make you enlightened, the less anger you will get, it's law.

You may think it is simple, but it's difficult to make it clear, if you understand the law of attraction, you will not blame about anger because anger is just part of inability to accept the reality, please remember; when we can’t accept the reality, we will be cursed by anger, its law, here is the important clue, no matter how hard your problem, anger will not happen when we respect about the long process, as long as we respect about life’s procedure, we will not get disappointed, so we must train our mind by being good receiver, not being how to be good pusher, our life will not change when we just blame something or we are just making an invalid reason in order to let us get entertained, that’s the best choice how to handle anger, here is my last advice; when we lose the sense of urgency how to be good reader, our anger will control us and suddenly we let anger will demand us to make an evil purpose.

How to manage stress

          Today I would like to share how to manage stress, the reason I choose that topic because many people feel stress and people don’t recognize the reason why they feel stress, until now stress is always happening to everyone especially people who are not ready yet to see the big impact from the circumstance, please note; stress has power which it can influence our passion to turn something impossible to become possible thing, basically stress is created by the natural energy which flows and rotates very quickly within our brain because there’s something urgent happening and it needs solution immediately, when we know how to use the power of stress properly, stress can help human being to unlock the feeling of fear within our soul, the power of stress also can be used to collect some experiences and knowledge, stress will become stress when we don’t know to control or we don’t know to exchange it becomes motivation, please remember; every problem can’t create stress, the main problem is we lack of knowledge, unwittingly we can’t manage stress, finally the problem turns into stress and it is getting worse to hurt us.

 Don’t worry about stress impact, stress can’t influence human to die, stress knows about the human’s limitation and stress will run no longer time when we already achieve the goal, so stress has limitation and it can be resolved immediately when we activate emotional intelligence to manage it, stress doesn’t need hate, but stress needs human’s love, when we activate the power of love within us, so stress will help us to invite the fabulous creativity and idea to overcome our problem, the problem is not coming from the stress but we put our stress into problem, that's law the reason why I say like that because stress is part of natural energy, if you receive problem from any circumstance, ensure you need to calm down yourself from negativity impact, when you run away from the problem, means you let problem will hurt you, before you get stressed from circumstance, we train mindset to distinguish between love, challenge and problem.

 here is the antidote how to manage stress, namely by having big dream and clear purpose of life, when we have sense of urgency, dream can manage the human’s stress and also it can neutralize stress once we have problem even though problem we have is difficult, when we focus on our dream, stress will perish, Please ensure dream must stay with us if we want to change stress becomes power, dream can empower stress to do something great, its powerful, now it depends on our decision whether we want to learn or leave it, i would remind you that stress’s characteristic is neutral, it can never give the bad impact to the human being, without having power of stress, there is  growth.

How to manage time

          Today I would like to share how to manage time, the reason I choose that topic because many people are wasting the time for unnecessary activity and some of them are wasting time for rewriting history, if you want to manage your time, you need to imagine what valuable thing you need to prioritize and imagine that you are alive in 24 hours, I hope after you read this article, it will help you how to manage your time and stop wasting your time for meaningless purpose, please take a note that this life rule is too serious, when you lose your time, you will lose your fortune, when you lose the time, you will lose the opportunity because you can’t buy the time , in addition, time is not like a money, whether you use the time for doing what’s valuable thing or you don’t do what’s invaluable thing, time is always perish, that’s law.

Time is always limited edition, when you lose the time, you are not going to possess everything in this world, you need to make agenda first before you will use the time for making activity, the majority problem is merely coming from your insight value, the reason why I say like that because insight value can determine whether you are going to deserve or not in this life, when you lose your peace or when you lose your natural philosophy, you will never be enough to waste more time, so every single day you can’t figure out about who you are because you lose your self-esteem and you lose your self-identity, please take note; when you lose your time value means you train yourself how to become mischief,  after you become mischief, you always create the meaningless purpose in your daily routine activity such as hanging out with friend to grab food in the restaurant every week, make a party every weekend, etc.

Here I would like to add some more option how to manage time, first thing you must prepare is making your own agenda, the second thing you must train yourself how to be a discipline person, when you have the discipline program, you will no longer need an excuse to waste the time, that’s the key. if you really want to know how to appreciate about the time, you can compare the power of time value with other resources on earth, remember that every resources on earth have been calculated by almighty GOD and every calculation has limitation, so every resources on earth have no meaning without the time.

How to manage money

          Today I would like to share how to manage money, the reason I choose that topic because everyone has same problem in every country, averagely they are afraid losing money because every single day they meet with money, in my opinion why people are worrying how to manage money because they just focus on how to attract the money, not trying to attract the resources of money rule, let’s talk about the money game, the description of money game is you need to follow the game which is provided by money, you must train yourself how to learn about the game’s rule, learn how to control your emotion during playing the game’s challenge, beside that you need to learn how to handle stress when you fail during playing the game, the reason why I suggest such thing because every game you play is designed to make you impressed at the first glance, but the game rule will defeat your emotion when you don’t know how to control the game, so if you want to manage money, you must understand how to handle your emotion intelligence first, when you know how to win the money game’s challenge, you won’t chase the money but it starts to pursue you.

We must sincerely accept about the rule when we want to play with, don’t try to convince yourself how to earn money as much as you can, it’s totally wrong principle, money doesn’t deserve you, all you need to do is identify where money is usually gathering, the game which is provided by money’s rule, if you want to play with money, you must go to the market place because money will come to the market place where it provides the attractive value, please be careful when you let money to seduce you, you will be trapped with the money’s game and you will be pushed to follow what the money needs.

The first thing you need to avoid when you want to know how to manage your money is stop focusing on paying the bill, but use 50% your money for fulfilling the daily necessity such as drink, food, education, etc. put  50% the rest of your money into investment program, warning!!!!!please don’t use money for paying the bill as your top priority because you will be seduced by money’s rule, the second thing you need to avoid is buy something that you don’t really need it as your top priority, such as watching film, go shopping for looking the discount price at the stuff, i hope after you read this article, it will help you how to maintain your money.

How to handle the life pressure

          Today I would like to share how to handle the life pressure, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped in the life pressure, I just want to remind you that life is always neutral, life becomes dud which is designed by human’s inability to make decision, so basically negative energy and positive energy are designed to serve what people need during thinking process, please note; negative feeling can’t influence human’s thinking way to create the dangerous thing because human being possess six intelligence; mentality intelligence, intellectual intelligence physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, natural intelligence and spiritual intelligence, so when human can’t make a better life and they feel bitter, the main cause is coming from the people’s unclear purpose and people keep pushing the life harder to serve what people need.

          No matter how hard your life is, when you don’t push the life to sue what you need of service, you will be wiser and calmer, when you want to make better life, life just needs you to make a plan, do what you can do and life doesn’t ask you to do something that you can’t deserve, when you believe there’s nothing is impossible, means life is going to give you the unconditional gift after you deserve to learn what life requires, what I see in the picture of the world is most people don’t get what they want in this life because they just push their limitation and they don’t pull something what’s making them inspired a lot to do it, we can’t handle all pressure from anyone else before we ourselves can resolve our life pressure, please follow the basic rule; life is always be neutral, when you push life harder, you will get bounce back from it, when you don’t push life, you will be controlled by life, all we need to do is not to follow the life rule but we can make it follow us by creating the law of attraction.

          The law of attraction can make better decision when we are too soft by dealing with feeling of afraid and anxiety, sometimes we just make a hope for fulfilling our satisfaction but we forget that we don’t make something to be attractive, we all know that life is always be mysterious and we don’t know what will happen in the near future whether it will provide the bad thing or the good thing, if we want to tame life’s characteristic, we need to make the best preparation and make it a trap for life by promoting our philosophy, so this purpose is intended to make life is becoming our slavery

What is the purpose of life?

purpose of life must be measurable

          Today I would like to share what’s the purpose of life, the reason I choose that topic because many people are dying for nothing, they tend to waste their time by satisfying the desire and not knowing how to clear mind from the pollution, please note; every desire has no clear purpose, every desire needs a leader, leader is our mindset, so you must be careful about it, desire can’t be used for improving the mindset, desire can be used for making you feel comfortable, before you want to know about the purpose of life, you need to reflect yourself with the current track you have made, if your track doesn’t reflect to your happiness, that’s mean, you go with the wrong track, happiness is the key how to determine the right purpose, you can’t get right purpose when you haven’t failed to get happiness.

          Now I will explain what’s purpose of life, life is having no bound and there is no limit zone, when we live without purpose, we are like drifting around in the sea without knowing which coastal area need to be approached, so we need some specific information in order to let us know about what exactly we want, after we know what we want, we need to make discipline program in order to awake the power of focus, without activating the power of focus, we will get distressed, only focus can help us to reduce the life’s magnetic flow which is happening thousand times per day, when we want to create the purpose of life, please ensure we can’t just let ourselves follow the life’s flow, if we just follow the life’s flow, we will rewrite the history and our soul can’t interact with miracle, idea and imagination.

          To make purpose of life is very simple, you just need to make comparison between risk and challenge, when you see problem as the difficult thing, you just need to make it simpler, you can consider it as challenge to increase your leverage, the more you learn something the more problem you have solved, the more you will become a wiser the more broken heart people will need your resources, the more you implant the kindness the more reward will be given to you, during waiting the new change from this life, we need to change our purpose of life, we can’t be better person when we are busy to judge something whether we like or we don’t like it, life doesn’t need to be judged by human’s evaluation, life just needs human to prepare something, life is always mysterious, so as human being we need to learn how to adapt and how to love with any circumstance although we don’t like it, before life is going to change us with the uncomfortable treatment, all we need to do is awakening our curiosity and make a strategy how to handle mistake and failure, that’s maturity, please remember; life is teacher and human is student.

How to improve memory

Today I would like to share about how to improve memory, the reason I choose that topic because many people complain and feel dissatisfaction about target or dream they have built long time ago, they think the experience in the past has potential how to change future, but in fact experience is just temporary data, please remember that human's memory is used for creating new idea, not being used to store the memorythe biggest mistake which have been made by human being in every generation is rewriting the history, not writing new story, every human's decision is depending on the way how to think, how to act and how to feel to the particular object or the target, when someone can’t pick up the new opportunity, most of them tend to curse their memory because they think memory will determine the new result where it will happen in the future, here is my advice, memory never ever make a mistake, only human can determine how to get result, memory can't choose whether you will get a bad luck or good luck, I am telling you that bad thing can happen to everyone, it doesn’t mean bad thing can’t happen to good people, bad thing which is embedded into our memory and it is intended to teach us how to get maturity in our personality.

All we can do how to improve our memory is divorce with past experience and marry the future, becoming new guy in every single day is the best choice how to improve memory, the reason why I advise such thing because being new guy means someone is sincerely forgetting about the past memory and memory can't be bought in the future's time, I would remind you that future can’t be improved when we don’t do anything different by today, past is like always been past, it can’t be changed, when we believe there is possibility to make us change, so we can change the impossible thing to become possible thing, please remember; when you success, the trigger is not depending on size of opportunity, but trigger is coming from our choice and when we employ our skill to drive us to the big opportunity.

Some people think make a change in our personality is not easy, but we can make it simpler by changing the new habit in our chapter of life, by that it means we can’t change the circumstance at instant process but we can stay in the corridor of the circumstance at instant to learn new thing, change memory is like change the habit, if we want to stop bad habit, we need to make new habit so that bad habit will not occur, i agree it’s very difficult to forget about past memory because every human is having emotional intelligence, but we can employ emotional intelligence to take steering wheel of human’s act and flourish our memory with wisdom.

How to improve yourself

Today I would like to share how to improve about ourselves, this mean we are going to identify about what kind of improvement we must change, as we know human being have 6 intelligence; intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, morality intelligence, natural intelligence and spiritual intelligence, if we want to change something about ourselves, we need to change our the power of perseverance and the power of vision at the first time, both power are irreplaceable energy which can transfer the source of information from the future to our present mind, believe me it’s powerful, we can use both energy to attract the law of attraction between the reality and the dream, if we want to keep both energy are still connecting each other, we must ensure both energy are staying away from negativity, the reason why I say such thing because negativity has potential to break pattern the power of reality and the power of dream, so negativity will make both power are staying away each other.

The first thing you should do if you want to improve yourself is retool your philosophy, the reason why you must look at your philosophy first because every idea from your philosophy will affect to the human’s personality, philosophy means system how to recognize the human’s identity, if human don’t know how to identify about themselves, they easily get affected by power of negativity, once people get affected with negativity, people will become the ignorant and become the procrastinator, that’s mentally illness, before we receive the negativity, so we need to retool our philosophy at the first moment, philosophy is the base line to how to improve our standard and it becomes a guarantee how to block the negativity which may enter into our heads.

 The second thing you should do if you want to improve yourself is manage your expectation, it’s very important because every expectation will influence the human’s idea and expectation will guide the human how to think, how to feel and how to act, that principle how to excel the human's skill at specific scope, don’t make expectation to other people’s help because everyone has limitation and everyone has own mistake, if you keep pushing people to fulfill your expectation, you will lose the self-esteem, one thing we must do how to manage expectation is by exceeding expectation, the meaning is we must break our fixed mindset within 30 days and we will build a growth mindset, such as embrace challenge, learn how to rest, not to give up, have willingness to learn a new thing, that’s principle how to improve ourselves.

How to improve speaking skill

Today I would like to share how to improve speaking skill, the reason I choose that topic because many introvert people are not willingly to speak with other people because they think speaking skill is not very important, but now I will widen the introvert people’s mindset how to speak more efficient, as we know that everyone has the right to speak with any word, but most of them don’t realize about what they want to express, so that’s their speaking way are making them spoken meaningless because they are afraid not all people can understand what introvert people's saying, so basically the difference between the value person and the ordinary person is coming from the reason and the specific purpose, if we just we speak for meaningless purpose to other people, we are going to lose our value and we will let other people leave the conversation because everybody wants to get the information what they search.

Remember this note; speaking is like selling something to someone who you talk with, speaking is not just taking out the word from mouth, but servicing information to other people, so before we speak to someone else, at least we will become a good listener because other people will catch our fault easier rather than catch our valuable information, so if you ask me how to the way of speaking skill, the first thing we prepare before speak is knowing about the type of person we will speak with, we can’t demand other people to understand about what the topic we talk because everyone has limitation, if you want to improve your speaking skill, you need to ensure someone whom you speak with is understanding about every words you use, use proper language, don’t ever try to use the scientific words when other people don’t usually use it at their daily routines, that’s manner speaking way.

The valuable speaking way is not showing off about our ability, but how to make other people get enlightened from the information what we serve, here is important list you need to note; don’t wish admiration from other people whom you speak with, but you have to ensure that you will get feedback from people, after that you must learn how to handle the information before you return it to people whom need it, not all information you need to store into your head, at least you can select which portion from the information can be used to enrich your speaking skill.

How to improve your English

Today I would like to share about how to improve English, many people in the worldwide including my country; Indonesia, they don’t learn English not because they are not smart or diligent but they haven’t set time to learn English as the top priority in daily routine activity, so they make difficult to their own way, the problem why people can't improve their ability because they always think smart and always think better, if you want to improve any subject, you have to empty your mind, forget about your identity and be hunger for knowledge, please note; nobody can't be valued as the qualified person when someone is just becoming history maker and make it as leverage , I think there must be something wrong about their mindset, some people think by doing same will create different thing, it’s very absurd and unacceptable, we can’t live and rely with our current standard for long time period because past time can only live with past time and future can’t live without today.

The reason we are not allowed to rely and use our current standard for too long because we always be forgotten and we will be left by our knowledge, so we can't be better person when we stop learning from one point and stop to that point, past time always steals our supply which had occurred in the past and we will be pushed by present time to learn something new today, that's life program, whether we like it or not, there is challenge which is offered by this life, we are forced to learn something because there's  something big awaiting us in the future, if we reject the challenge, we choose to be mediocre person, so basically life wants us to be empty cup in order to fill something in our wisdom, so if you want to improve your English, here is the mindset “every opportunity follows difficulties and biggest reward will be given after we deserve to win”, that’s the law, so we can’t make hope for waiting the big thing or we wait someone or something to fix us, it’s wasting time because we only live in this world for one day / 24 hours, other people are not responsible for what individual person is making it, new destiny is created after we shaped new decision today.

Learning is like inviting object and making it stay with us, if we can take some advantage from it, we will reap from it, don’t be afraid to learn new thing because this universe never stop teaching, please remember; we can’t make the best moment all the time, but we can create our passion to invite the best moment to fill in our wisdom, when we lose our commitment, we can't earn wisdom, if you want to improve your English, you need to retool your plan ahead, make new pattern in your lifestyle and make sure your ambition or dream has connected with English, when you keep a habit such thing, you will be motivated how to learn English without being afraid of losing the value.

What’s cuckold definition?

Today I would like to share about the definition of cuckold, the reason I choose that topic because many people want to know about the cuckold, this is very interesting to be discussed, cuckold is kind of mental illness, now I explain what’s cuckold definition; the man whose wife has made an illegal love relationship with another man, this habit is prohibited and it’s not good to be followed because this kind of habit is belonged to the misleading behavior, please note; cuckold is not part of human’s habit, but it belonged to animal’s habit, the reason why I say such thing because only person who has mentally illness, if we see in the reality life, only pig will let its companion does relationship with another pig for arousing a lust, this habit is irrational and it doesn’t reflect to the human’s habit, it’s madness, please be careful about this kind of illness because everybody may potential of having cuckold behavior, the people who have mental illness of cuckold, they will do anything in order to lessen pain, in order to reduce pain, the people will arouse others to get excited with illegal love relationship, its psychologically like animal instinct.

So basically cuckold habit will attack anybody else who has mentally ill, no matter you are man or woman, cuckold people are looking for fetish in order to reduce pain in their head, fetish are the way in which the subconscious attempts to deal with pain, when people are losing emotional intelligence, they tend to get injured with any circumstance, the cuckold people tend to follow the reptilian instincts, the main cause why people are following reptilian instinct because the reptilian's behavior and human's behavior are having 65% emotional characteristic is same, so this deviant behavior is caused by unresolved emotional issue.

Please remember the misleading characteristic will immobilize the human intellectual intelligent, that’s very dangerous because human are going to lose self-esteem, the key how to help the cuckold behavior is by breaking the mind pattern, send them to the place where they will taste the extreme suffering activity such as they work breaking stone by hammer at the asylum, if the deviant people have not yet been cured, their mental illness will influence to others who don’t know about cuckold’s behaviorThe cuckold people usually don’t know how to differentiate between lust and passion, so their mental illness are starting to whisper about sex informationtheir pain start to arouse somebody’s interest and make it as main pleasure, if human keep behaving like cuckold for long time period, I am afraid their characteristic will transform into the animal’s wild instinct