Don’t agonize about the mistake

          Today I would like to talk about how to educate ourselves to use mistake as stepping stone, the reason why I choose the topic because I see many people don't really like to have many mistakes, now i want to explain how important the mistake’s existence by making the difference between you and your pollutant personality, mistake is like pedestrian, if you be careful on the street, you may not hit pedestrian, in the law of reality, mistake is not having the holy duty to invite new problem to come in human's life and mistake doesn’t give you a stress or making you stored it as new resources, mistake is just the unidentified object which helps you to prevent yourself to get caught at the worse problem in the future, so you should thank to every mistake you meet because without its existence, you can’t learn anything new in your life journey, furthermore you can’t become the adult person unless you welcome the mistake with your spacious heart.

 Mistake doesn’t need to be corrected by human being because it’s has empty soul, every mistake is designed by almighty GOD in order to test you whether you are stronger enough to get new challenge or not in the future time, we can’t become opportunity maker when we always agonize and hang up all those mistakes in our lives, so don’t just be pessimistic guy because every mistake doesn’t have strong capability to destroy your career level, here are the mistake’s characteristic; mistake doesn’t have ability to make copied of them, mistake has never reborn in one period of time, mistake is designed to teach people how to improve human’s personality, mistake has no term or has no social bonds to cling the human’s peacefully life.

Please remember; mistake has never made plan to attack the human’s life, mistake has no priority target to ruin the human’s career, but mistake will start to attack the human’s peacefully life when human is going to lose self-control, now I will give you an illustration how to face the mistake without being feared, the first thing you must do; you must consider the mistake such as bad teacher, you can learn from the good education which is being taught by bad teacher, but don’t be follower of bad teacher because you are going to follow the bad teacher’s habit, if you keep behaving like student, you are going to become life mastery because you can solve any problem without overthinking, here is the important note which may has not been known by most people; sometimes every mistake will give you the valuable clue how to become expertise without you are asking help from it.