How do I control my anger?

          Today I would like to share how to control the anger, this question often has been asked repeatedly by people who have trouble about their emotional feeling, please note; anger doesn’t deserve your kindness, but anger deserves your inability, anger is just pedestrian which is just passing through into human's life experience, no matter you are busy person or not, anger is always giving you a chance how to make you angry greater in the all the time, so be careful about the sign of hatred, now here the question from anger “when you lose your inner peace, either the right moment or the right place, the anger will lend your power of lust to exchange your bad mood with the evil purpose” this is challenge for you how to contemplate about your mood, before you feel angry, please ask yourself "if you can get angry to others in the right time, the right moment and the right place without making them being offended, you deserve to win", that's how to build the emotional intelligent.

Sometimes we unwittingly let our anger is increasing and blowing up like an erupted  mountain because we decide to choose that option, basically anger doesn’t increase automatic and it needs our momentum in any movement, please remember; the more momentum we create, the more impact will influence to object, so there is no sudden increase at the number of anger before we make the preparation, now our job is how to stop the purpose of anger before it will become an evil purpose, so we need to make commitment first, this simulation needs to be prepared before the anger is coming, the first thing we must prepare before feeling of anger is accepting the law of reality, means whatever the greatest of accomplishment we made in the past, once we lose the game right now, we need to accept it heartedly and patience, if we break the law of reality, we will be compelled to accept the bad circumstance such as we always feel insecure such as we get angry easily, we got continuity disappointment, we feel sorry by sudden, we feel anxiety all day long, we feel being rejected, we feel unconfident, we feel being ignored although we don’t make fault to others etc.
tame your anger by giving unconditional love to others

So basically there is nobody to be able to stand firmly when they are attacked by the power of anger because anger is like blazing fire, it always seduces you until you will awake your soul then you no longer recognize about yourself, that’s purpose of anger, before the anger becomes habit, please make sure you always get unconditional love from the people who trusted you so much, and you create unconditional love to other without making expectation from them.

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