How to avoid cancer

Today I would like to share how to avoid cancer, the reason I choose that topic because many people confused when they got suffered because of cancer, now I remind you that cancer is part of accumulation dangerous cell growth which is shaped by the malnutrition consuming effect and also it is indicated by abiding unhealthy food or beverage which is stored or touched with the tin box or the food is contained by the flavoring food stuff in any size or scope, that’s part of minor problem, but there is majority problem which can influence the size of cancer itself, the major problem is reflected by accumulation in our majority misleading habit.

so I would like to remind you that there is no guarantee to get healthy body if we can’t control our lifestyle and the healthy food doesn’t have relation with high or cheap price in the market, the healthy food must contain something which is produced from the plant seeds on earth, that's natural law, healthy must refer to the natural law  because that's most powerful idea how to avoid the cancer and human must follow what the natural law mentioned if humans want to improve their healthy body, so consuming the food which is contained the vegetation is part of good choice because vegetation has many similarity with human's body construction, the material of human body 65 % is coming from the water and 35% is coming from the earth’s material such zinc, platinum, phosphor, etc.

If you want to be avoided by the cancer or another disease, don’t ever try to attract the disease’s attention towards you, this rule is valid from any case, if you are willingly to get healthy body, you need to study how to get healthy body, so basically people are getting sick not because they are not smart in any field, but they are getting sick, furthermore there is another the majority problem; people lack of having information how to balance between the habit and food consumption, that's majority problem that people are often missing it, i  will remind you again, you can’t avoid the side effect of disease when you keep breaking the natural law, it doesn't matter you don’t realize what’s happening in your body, but you must catch the signal every single time from your body's immune system, here is the key phrase; your body's immune system is always giving you a chance to catch the symptom before you will get sick, sadly you don’t give single respond back from what your body telling to you, here is the symptom of your immune system is getting abnormal; you often can't get sleep well because there's something wrong in your body's cell and your subconscious mind gives you the information that you will be suffered.

The human’s immune system usually gives you the symptom before you get serious sick, several times you have been told by your body's immune system, but you choose to ignore it because you have entered to the wrong habit and misleading lifestyle, I will give you an advice, don’t underestimate about the power habit because habit is always blocking your conscious mind’s working and habit will dominate your conscious mind with any condition, and habit will keep you locked and you become custody, finally you will taste regretful look and regret can’t help you to recover your majority problem, so here is key phrase; please change your lifestyle before disease will change your health.