How to control self-anger

          Today I would like to share how to control self-anger, I know it is not easy to deal with because every human being has been enriched by Almighty GOD with emotional intelligence, now let me explain why the anger is part of severity problem because it can extinguish the human's mentality intelligence and evoke the evil's mindset, so the anger doesn't appear automatically, but the main cause why people get angry because they don't find a peacefully heart, the angry people usually never get calm and relax because their inner feeling never meet with self-healing mindset, please take note; self-healing mindset will be coming to the human's innermost feeling when someone is always accepting the reality, accept the failure and sincerely admit the dissatisfaction, when someone is accepting dissatisfaction with positive thinking, there is no more residue evil mindset. 
Anger is like igniting several matches and burn your positive energy

Anger is not part of hereditary disease, but it’s part of losing self-control, the main cause why people get angry because people don’t know how to react when there’s problem is approaching them, averagely people get angry because they don’t study how to behave positively when there’s negativity coming, furthermore most people get angry easily because they don’t learn how to distract their attention to another object while they are facing problem, so anger is part of evil intention, so please ensure you need to go out and take deep breath to neutralize, now I will share the principle how to control our emotional feeling, the first thing we must prepare is having clear vision, the reason why I consider it as important because clear vision can eliminate the negativity from the human’s habit, if you can find the pattern of your emotional intelligence, you can’t get angry easily because you can employ your emotional intelligence to create positive pattern like discipline, consistence, diligent, integrity, patience, etc. but if you create negativity pattern while feeling of anger is appearing, your emotional feeling will create bad characteristic such as anger, revenge, jealous, torture, etc.

Don’t ever try to follow your anger even though you really pissed off because your logical thinking will decline and you will lose your good manner, it’s very dangerous thing when you just let your anger is blowing up because it will make you think negativity all day long and also you will waste your power of focus to the target you want to complete, here is your daily note; don’t even try to lost your pattern of emotional intelligence because it will determine whether you will get angry or not when you meet mistake, here is the clue how to reduce your anger with new artificial program; the first thing is don’t even try to recall about your pathetic story or your failure in the past and find someone who can understand you, the second thing is staying away from the pollutant people because they can influence you to behave negativity, the third thing is distract your focus by looking for the joke story or entertainment program, the fourth thing is try to calculate the numbers by adding and keep adding it, if you are too vested, i am sure finally you recovered yourself.