How to cure depression

Today I would like to share how to cure depression, the reason I choose that topic because I have seen many people are getting depressed because of they are overcautious about the future's time, they tend to store something bad in their memory, and also they tend to repeat wrongdoing in their life, that’s major cause why most people are suffered, so if you want to get cured, you need to step out from the pollutant zone, by that it means, you need to stay away from group of people whom you like the most, then you need to take new activity where it can drive you to get out from the pollutant zone, when you decide to move on, you will lose your comrade, that's the risky life.

This decision is not easy because you will lose your memory from what you decide, but I am sure you can handle it little by little when you insist to change, the first thing you need to do if you want to be cured is do something different and make sure the activity gets you inspired with, the second thing you need to do if you want to be cured from depression is go to picnic with someone whom you trust with, here is the key phrase; the positive energy can neutralize the negative energy when you keep focus by producing the positive energy, the more you produce the positive energy, the less negative energy will stay, so basically there is nobody can erase the negative energy within their body because negative energy and positive energy are part of universe principle, life needs positive and negative energy to make calculation of something living, as human being we can’t ignore the law of reality because it comes from the universe.

Law of reality is being adopted from the law of universe, so the universe is fundamental basic how to recognize the human’s emotional feeling and this universe also provide some unknown energy to end limitation and reborn new limitation, so basically if you obsess about something limit, you always get depression, depression is not part of hereditary diseases, but it’s part of abnormality from the exceeding of negative energy, the result can be reviewed when the amount of composition of negativity which is dominating amount rather than the negative's standard quota, so if we want to increase the amount of positive energy, we need to keep challenging about our personality, stop expecting from uncertain reward, learn from the feedback, be good listener, accept law of reality, there is no fast method how to reduce depression, if we want to be forgotten by the depression, we must stop obsession about something limited and star to make new habit, so we will be forgotten about depression, that’s key phrase