How to cure hangover

Today I would like to share about how to cure hangover, the reason I choose that topic because many people are addicted by drinking alcohol and they don’t know how to stop from the habit, the reason why they can’t stop drinking because their habit push their subconscious mind to make repetition till they don't know about the severity risk ahead, that’s the majority cause why they can’t get out from hangover habit, it’s very horrible thing to be heard, as we know that every human wants to get healthy, but why people prefer to choose drinking alcohol because frustration and depression are absorbing too much negative energy from the pollutant zone, that's why they prefer to drink alcohol to squeeze the negativity side effect, based on statement before, i think there must be something wrong with their mindset, here is the key phrase; the abnormal mentality is belonged to human’s sick mentality, so if you meet with mentality problem, please don’t recommend someone to touch about the physical medicine such as capsule or antibiotic, consuming food or beverage, it doesn't work, the physical medicine can't cure sick mentality, hangover people only need the attention and care from the pain relieve maker.

 Mentality problem can’t be cured by consuming the physical medicine because physical medicine only valid to physical disease, basically people who got hangover, they usually has painful story where it has been stored in the memory for so long and they don’t know how to get them cured, that's why we must give someone the special treatment, the first duty you need to prepare for hangover person is treating him with healthy program, don’t let him get stressed at the first trial, so the first target is making someone forget about his bad habit, that’s the key, so you need to associate with him, get along with him at least 1 month, the reason why I suggest you such thing because new habit will reborn when human will do repetition regularly until 30 days.

Please ensure you invite him to do what you usually do in the daily routine activity and train him how to do something productive such as teach him how to follow the health program, teach him how to reduce stress during facing problem without being involved with alcohol, so we need to employ new habit to cure the hangover person, basically we don’t have entitled to change other people’s behavior, we only need to become a good role model for them, at this moment you must become his resources at the first moment in order to make him remember you all the time, the sadness people usually find to look for someone or something for being his shelter, when you succeed to replace his old shelter with a new one, at that time you no longer introduce yourself to him because you have implanted new habit for him, day by day he will forget about his painful story, to make sure someone has been cured from hangover habit, you need to make daily program for him in order to make him discipline with new habit.