How to cure headache

Today I would like to share about how to cure headache, most people get headache because they receive more size of problem rather than their ability to solve the problem, that’s belong to everybody’s capacity, here is the solution if you want to cure headache “don’t wish less problem, but wish for more skill”, that’s key how to change your mindset, if you want to know how to cure headache for long time period, you need to make an incantation and say to yourself “don’t trust to your memory and trust to your future, the reason why I suggest such thing because the incantation will produce new command in the human' brain and the word of command will stick to our subconscious mind and we will be empowered by solving anything.

Please remember that headache is not caused by having many problem, but the main cause is coming from the human’s outdated standard, if you ask me “you are so smart, are you not feeling headache during reading book?” I will say “ I love reading book, why do I need to get headache, if i grow my passion, i will do the best although i got failure, basically the key how to avoid headache, you need to make regular pattern in your brain memory and make sure you will do what you love to do until you will get inspired with, when you feel something better with your current activity, I am really sure you will not get headache, as long as you keep your passion alive, you will get headache, in addition you will get fabulous happiness.

When you haven't got headache, it’s because you will fix serious problem and you always discipline your mind, by having behavior like that, no matter how big or small problem you face with, you will not feel worry or you will not get perplexed about it because you are having a maturity pattern, but when you haven’t disciplined your mind, you will always get headache no matter where your position is, furthermore headache will affect to your body system, so you need to change your lifestyle and create new circumstance, don’t let your mind being tangled easily with problem, free your mind from the pollutant zone and don’t trust about your past, here is my advice to you; if you keep in touch with nature, you will be treated like a wise man because you will get wisdom from nature, if you become student in life and nature will become your teacher, the reason why I suggest such thing because nature will refresh your head’s brain nerve and it helps you how to reduce the pollutant which may hurt you, if you work with nature, nature will feed your brain with natural intelligence.