How to find your lost passion?

          Today I would like to share how to find your lost passion, the reason why I choose that topic because I had ever lost my passion almost 20 years ago, I didn’t realize that I had unique talent which I had never thought to publish, my passion when I was child was making the scientific work but I didn’t pursue my talent because i pause my direction and I didn’t really know how to develop my passion, so almost every single day I lost my principle, I lost my visionary experiences and i don't know how to create my dream world, then I keep searching what I lost, I felt like I was drifting in the sea and I didn’t find the way how to return to the shore.

Several years later I keep searching my lost passion until I meet with the subject which can inspire me how to learn new thing in my life journey such as studying physic, psychology and philosophy, the reason why i choose those subjects because it can change my life's pattern and they are related with the nature, the law of universe and law of reality, so that’s very important for me, please remember; every passion or hobby doesn’t guarantee your successful career but passion will lead you to the new era in which way shows you the accurate direction in your career, so you need to awake your conscious mind and choose the career which matches with your passion, use your time to grow your conscious mind, the reason why we choose passion as the top priority because every day we will meet with adversity and passion will strong our strength to pursue the result, if we build career together with our passion then we will never die, please note; if you feel lost your passion, all you need to do is get out of your comfort zone, put yourself into children zone, being a curious child and find something interest within you and dig the information in order to complete your curiosity.

So my advice regarding your passion is don’t ever underestimate the power of curiosity because it can empower your passion and also curiosity will help you to avoid the feeling of confusion or insecure, in addition curiosity is the powerful is the tools how to motivate yourself, how to empower your weaknesses towards your dream, if you follow your passion, you will not feel sorry to do something although you know you will make many mistakes on it, you can’t depend on knowledge all the time for your career because every knowledge has limitation whereas curiosity is limitless and boundless, so if you want passion will be bright as always, you must imagine you will create something which doesn't complete in one year but you can complete it in one day,here is my last advice to you is don’t you ever think about the failure because every failure you make, it will elevate your successful story, passion will not give you more efficient solution but passion will lead you how to become the different of you.


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