How to handle the life pressure

          Today I would like to share how to handle the life pressure, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are trapped in the life pressure, I just want to remind you that life is always neutral, life becomes dud which is designed by human’s inability to make decision, so basically negative energy and positive energy are designed to serve what people need during thinking process, please note; negative feeling can’t influence human’s thinking way to create the dangerous thing because human being possess six intelligence; mentality intelligence, intellectual intelligence physical intelligence, emotional intelligence, natural intelligence and spiritual intelligence, so when human can’t make a better life and they feel bitter, the main cause is coming from the people’s unclear purpose and people keep pushing the life harder to serve what people need.

          No matter how hard your life is, when you don’t push the life to sue what you need of service, you will be wiser and calmer, when you want to make better life, life just needs you to make a plan, do what you can do and life doesn’t ask you to do something that you can’t deserve, when you believe there’s nothing is impossible, means life is going to give you the unconditional gift after you deserve to learn what life requires, what I see in the picture of the world is most people don’t get what they want in this life because they just push their limitation and they don’t pull something what’s making them inspired a lot to do it, we can’t handle all pressure from anyone else before we ourselves can resolve our life pressure, please follow the basic rule; life is always be neutral, when you push life harder, you will get bounce back from it, when you don’t push life, you will be controlled by life, all we need to do is not to follow the life rule but we can make it follow us by creating the law of attraction.

          The law of attraction can make better decision when we are too soft by dealing with feeling of afraid and anxiety, sometimes we just make a hope for fulfilling our satisfaction but we forget that we don’t make something to be attractive, we all know that life is always be mysterious and we don’t know what will happen in the near future whether it will provide the bad thing or the good thing, if we want to tame life’s characteristic, we need to make the best preparation and make it a trap for life by promoting our philosophy, so this purpose is intended to make life is becoming our slavery