How to improve memory

Today I would like to share about how to improve memory, the reason I choose that topic because many people complain and feel dissatisfaction about target or dream they have built long time ago, they think the experience in the past has potential how to change future, but in fact experience is just temporary data, please remember that human's memory is used for creating new idea, not being used to store the memorythe biggest mistake which have been made by human being in every generation is rewriting the history, not writing new story, every human's decision is depending on the way how to think, how to act and how to feel to the particular object or the target, when someone can’t pick up the new opportunity, most of them tend to curse their memory because they think memory will determine the new result where it will happen in the future, here is my advice, memory never ever make a mistake, only human can determine how to get result, memory can't choose whether you will get a bad luck or good luck, I am telling you that bad thing can happen to everyone, it doesn’t mean bad thing can’t happen to good people, bad thing which is embedded into our memory and it is intended to teach us how to get maturity in our personality.

All we can do how to improve our memory is divorce with past experience and marry the future, becoming new guy in every single day is the best choice how to improve memory, the reason why I advise such thing because being new guy means someone is sincerely forgetting about the past memory and memory can't be bought in the future's time, I would remind you that future can’t be improved when we don’t do anything different by today, past is like always been past, it can’t be changed, when we believe there is possibility to make us change, so we can change the impossible thing to become possible thing, please remember; when you success, the trigger is not depending on size of opportunity, but trigger is coming from our choice and when we employ our skill to drive us to the big opportunity.

Some people think make a change in our personality is not easy, but we can make it simpler by changing the new habit in our chapter of life, by that it means we can’t change the circumstance at instant process but we can stay in the corridor of the circumstance at instant to learn new thing, change memory is like change the habit, if we want to stop bad habit, we need to make new habit so that bad habit will not occur, i agree it’s very difficult to forget about past memory because every human is having emotional intelligence, but we can employ emotional intelligence to take steering wheel of human’s act and flourish our memory with wisdom.