How to improve speaking skill

Today I would like to share how to improve speaking skill, the reason I choose that topic because many introvert people are not willingly to speak with other people because they think speaking skill is not very important, but now I will widen the introvert people’s mindset how to speak more efficient, as we know that everyone has the right to speak with any word, but most of them don’t realize about what they want to express, so that’s their speaking way are making them spoken meaningless because they are afraid not all people can understand what introvert people's saying, so basically the difference between the value person and the ordinary person is coming from the reason and the specific purpose, if we just we speak for meaningless purpose to other people, we are going to lose our value and we will let other people leave the conversation because everybody wants to get the information what they search.

Remember this note; speaking is like selling something to someone who you talk with, speaking is not just taking out the word from mouth, but servicing information to other people, so before we speak to someone else, at least we will become a good listener because other people will catch our fault easier rather than catch our valuable information, so if you ask me how to the way of speaking skill, the first thing we prepare before speak is knowing about the type of person we will speak with, we can’t demand other people to understand about what the topic we talk because everyone has limitation, if you want to improve your speaking skill, you need to ensure someone whom you speak with is understanding about every words you use, use proper language, don’t ever try to use the scientific words when other people don’t usually use it at their daily routines, that’s manner speaking way.

The valuable speaking way is not showing off about our ability, but how to make other people get enlightened from the information what we serve, here is important list you need to note; don’t wish admiration from other people whom you speak with, but you have to ensure that you will get feedback from people, after that you must learn how to handle the information before you return it to people whom need it, not all information you need to store into your head, at least you can select which portion from the information can be used to enrich your speaking skill.