How to improve your English

Today I would like to share about how to improve English, many people in the worldwide including my country; Indonesia, they don’t learn English not because they are not smart or diligent but they haven’t set time to learn English as the top priority in daily routine activity, so they make difficult to their own way, the problem why people can't improve their ability because they always think smart and always think better, if you want to improve any subject, you have to empty your mind, forget about your identity and be hunger for knowledge, please note; nobody can't be valued as the qualified person when someone is just becoming history maker and make it as leverage , I think there must be something wrong about their mindset, some people think by doing same will create different thing, it’s very absurd and unacceptable, we can’t live and rely with our current standard for long time period because past time can only live with past time and future can’t live without today.

The reason we are not allowed to rely and use our current standard for too long because we always be forgotten and we will be left by our knowledge, so we can't be better person when we stop learning from one point and stop to that point, past time always steals our supply which had occurred in the past and we will be pushed by present time to learn something new today, that's life program, whether we like it or not, there is challenge which is offered by this life, we are forced to learn something because there's  something big awaiting us in the future, if we reject the challenge, we choose to be mediocre person, so basically life wants us to be empty cup in order to fill something in our wisdom, so if you want to improve your English, here is the mindset “every opportunity follows difficulties and biggest reward will be given after we deserve to win”, that’s the law, so we can’t make hope for waiting the big thing or we wait someone or something to fix us, it’s wasting time because we only live in this world for one day / 24 hours, other people are not responsible for what individual person is making it, new destiny is created after we shaped new decision today.

Learning is like inviting object and making it stay with us, if we can take some advantage from it, we will reap from it, don’t be afraid to learn new thing because this universe never stop teaching, please remember; we can’t make the best moment all the time, but we can create our passion to invite the best moment to fill in our wisdom, when we lose our commitment, we can't earn wisdom, if you want to improve your English, you need to retool your plan ahead, make new pattern in your lifestyle and make sure your ambition or dream has connected with English, when you keep a habit such thing, you will be motivated how to learn English without being afraid of losing the value.


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