How to improve yourself

Today I would like to share how to improve about ourselves, this mean we are going to identify about what kind of improvement we must change, as we know human being have 6 intelligence; intellectual intelligence, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, morality intelligence, natural intelligence and spiritual intelligence, if we want to change something about ourselves, we need to change our the power of perseverance and the power of vision at the first time, both power are irreplaceable energy which can transfer the source of information from the future to our present mind, believe me it’s powerful, we can use both energy to attract the law of attraction between the reality and the dream, if we want to keep both energy are still connecting each other, we must ensure both energy are staying away from negativity, the reason why I say such thing because negativity has potential to break pattern the power of reality and the power of dream, so negativity will make both power are staying away each other.

The first thing you should do if you want to improve yourself is retool your philosophy, the reason why you must look at your philosophy first because every idea from your philosophy will affect to the human’s personality, philosophy means system how to recognize the human’s identity, if human don’t know how to identify about themselves, they easily get affected by power of negativity, once people get affected with negativity, people will become the ignorant and become the procrastinator, that’s mentally illness, before we receive the negativity, so we need to retool our philosophy at the first moment, philosophy is the base line to how to improve our standard and it becomes a guarantee how to block the negativity which may enter into our heads.

 The second thing you should do if you want to improve yourself is manage your expectation, it’s very important because every expectation will influence the human’s idea and expectation will guide the human how to think, how to feel and how to act, that principle how to excel the human's skill at specific scope, don’t make expectation to other people’s help because everyone has limitation and everyone has own mistake, if you keep pushing people to fulfill your expectation, you will lose the self-esteem, one thing we must do how to manage expectation is by exceeding expectation, the meaning is we must break our fixed mindset within 30 days and we will build a growth mindset, such as embrace challenge, learn how to rest, not to give up, have willingness to learn a new thing, that’s principle how to improve ourselves.


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