How to learn primarily to your career?

Today I would like to talk about how to learn primarily to human's career, the reason why I choose that topic because many people are not knowing how to fulfill the career and they don't know how to pick lesson at least it will bring the most influence in their career, that's why most of them tend to ruin the career unwittingly, so in this moment I would like to share how to choose the best decision before you build career, before you choose the career, you must realize that every career will take you some time to adapt with it, you need to collect with requirement before you build principle, don't forget that all requirements you held with, they are going to guide you to the new place where you have never been beforehand, once the fulfilled career emerges with you in the future, you need to sacrifice your valuable time to make good supply, you save it and then you collect the good experience from mistakes in the past in order to match with feasibility study, after that you will receive the risk and the responsibility later.

During choose the career, please don’t just imagine about the benefit and the pleasure only at the first time because reality and imagination sometimes don't fit well, so your biggest plan and your biggest idea need to be fitted with the law of reality, here is my advice, pick up the career which it’s matched with your passion, ensure you have more time to learn something at least 1000 - 5000 hours to sharpen your passion, then focus to learn how to fulfill other people's needs and implant your idea to the people’s mindset,  one day you will realize about which career will make you learned a lot and one day your masterpiece will help you to create the market and you no longer need to introduce about yourself.

Please remember that life is not willingly to compromise with your decision, whether you are ready or not with the life treatment, there is always consequence after you take the career, so if you want to learn something important in this life, you need to sharpen your mentality and sharpen your power of faith as if you were going to live forever and nobody will stop you, when you succeed to taste the bad treatment from this life, please try to commit with career you have picked before then let the miracle will work for you, life always gives you obstacle in order to test your mentality and life will accumulate your latest effort and life will help you to pick which career will be fitted with your capacity, please remember the higher career you will take, the more obstacles will abide and it will try to block your developed mindset, but in the end you will receive the highest reward and the unlimited reputation from your legacy you have built.

Risk and responsibility can’t be eliminated because that’s part of the life’s law, all you need to do is learn from the past moment, study the case, and observe from the circumstance, please note; you feel better and satisfied not because you have passed the test, but you have strong courage to follow the riddle of life.