How to make your idea meaningful?

          Today I would like to share about how to make your idea meaningful, I think this question is very often to be heard because idea is part of essential life from human's necessity, every time you meet with problem, you directly think how to solve and how to end the problem without get affected with bad situation in any place, now i will explain why not everyone consider about how to employ ideas, in my observation, many people think the idea is kind of bullet which is shot for single purpose, in fact idea can be produced like the egg, we only need to ignite passion and match it with your vision, one idea sometimes can't applied to many purpose, so don't push idea to work for many problem, but you must behave like the hen (female chicken), don't just become the cock (male chicken), if you insist to behave like the cock, you will plan to fail in career, I am sure you will start to contemplate after you read that sentences, but now our purpose is not how to make idea is powerful, but how to produce many idea until one of them are working until completely. every human’s brain has been implanted with the unlimited wealth such imagination and dream, so don't try to fix your dream but you just need to employ your imagination in order to pursue your dream.

There are many idea will be spreading into the world, but why many ideas don’t work precisely, the answer is because many people are copying other people idea to solve their problem, we must understand that every person has different standard, all you need to do is fixing yourself, don't try to fix other people, include your spouse or your children, every idea has been designed to reborn new idea which have not been appeared before, so our job is how to ensure our idea is running by itself and we are just becoming the coach, if you want to maximize the power of your ideas, be curious person and do something seems impossible, please remember; our potential can't work maximum when we just can do whatever job we can solve, our potential will work maximum when we can free our mind from the same standard and try to raise our standard by exceeding our value to create something impossible, that's make big different between you and million people out there, when we will lose our value,so that we will lose our desire automatically.

Please do something doesn’t work in the far future, but you keep believing with your masterpiece until your small idea is making you enlightened in the long term, idea doesn’t work when you lose your passion, all you need to do is keep observing about the information, the more you collect the trusted information, the more idea of yours will be meaningful, please don’t ever underestimate the power of idea, every idea will do something mysterious and you will amaze about it, the function of idea is to ensure your learning way is clearer and let idea guarantees that you are not going to lose your focus.