How to manage anger

Today I would like to share how to manage anger, the reason I choose that topic because everyone has problem about anger, the main reason why anger is showing and disturbing to the people in daily activity because they give opportunity to anger growing up freelyanger is like an environment, when you don't let yourself get affected with environment situation, you will become as you always been, you must train yourself how to become a good influence maker, not pushing environment to pursue your capacity,the main reason why we get angry easily because we let our feeling of anger to taste too much expectation from unexpected condition and we feed feeling of anger with sadness, furthermore, anger is becoming bigger and more dangerous when we blow up the anger with demanding process the final result, not respecting the journey of life.

 we can't always be right person, sometimes we need to enjoy the moment and think how to neutralize anger with respecting the long process, the first thing we must do how to manage anger is stop resisting the law of reality and accept the failure, the reason why I suggest like that because the majority problem is coming from our attitude, please remember; getting the untrustworthy information is the beginning process how to make anger bigger, don't let ourselves receive any information without prove it until alright, we need to train our emotional intelligence until our emotional intelligence is telling us "anger is irrational, don't follow it and let's do something great until anger can't finish through to the end", that's maturity’s characteristic.

Please take note that feeling of anger will not come automatically, it will come when it has received the trigger from our inability to control human’s psychology, power is nothing without control, basically everybody can defeat the anger but why most people have been defeated by anger because they don’t have resourcefulness to control resources, the second thing we must do how to manage anger is we must stay away from the pollutant zone which may influence us to get angry, beside that we need to change our life’s history with new story, the key how to reduce anger is making distracting your focus by making new story, by that i mean; you need to do something differently or make idea to attract the opportunity in every single day, the more you attract the opportunity to make you enlightened, the less anger you will get, it's law.

You may think it is simple, but it's difficult to make it clear, if you understand the law of attraction, you will not blame about anger because anger is just part of inability to accept the reality, please remember; when we can’t accept the reality, we will be cursed by anger, its law, here is the important clue, no matter how hard your problem, anger will not happen when we respect about the long process, as long as we respect about life’s procedure, we will not get disappointed, so we must train our mind by being good receiver, not being how to be good pusher, our life will not change when we just blame something or we are just making an invalid reason in order to let us get entertained, that’s the best choice how to handle anger, here is my last advice; when we lose the sense of urgency how to be good reader, our anger will control us and suddenly we let anger will demand us to make an evil purpose.


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