How to manage money

          Today I would like to share how to manage money, the reason I choose that topic because everyone has same problem in every country, averagely they are afraid losing money because every single day they meet with money, in my opinion why people are worrying how to manage money because they just focus on how to attract the money, not trying to attract the resources of money rule, let’s talk about the money game, the description of money game is you need to follow the game which is provided by money, you must train yourself how to learn about the game’s rule, learn how to control your emotion during playing the game’s challenge, beside that you need to learn how to handle stress when you fail during playing the game, the reason why I suggest such thing because every game you play is designed to make you impressed at the first glance, but the game rule will defeat your emotion when you don’t know how to control the game, so if you want to manage money, you must understand how to handle your emotion intelligence first, when you know how to win the money game’s challenge, you won’t chase the money but it starts to pursue you.

We must sincerely accept about the rule when we want to play with, don’t try to convince yourself how to earn money as much as you can, it’s totally wrong principle, money doesn’t deserve you, all you need to do is identify where money is usually gathering, the game which is provided by money’s rule, if you want to play with money, you must go to the market place because money will come to the market place where it provides the attractive value, please be careful when you let money to seduce you, you will be trapped with the money’s game and you will be pushed to follow what the money needs.

The first thing you need to avoid when you want to know how to manage your money is stop focusing on paying the bill, but use 50% your money for fulfilling the daily necessity such as drink, food, education, etc. put  50% the rest of your money into investment program, warning!!!!!please don’t use money for paying the bill as your top priority because you will be seduced by money’s rule, the second thing you need to avoid is buy something that you don’t really need it as your top priority, such as watching film, go shopping for looking the discount price at the stuff, i hope after you read this article, it will help you how to maintain your money.


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