How to manage stress

          Today I would like to share how to manage stress, the reason I choose that topic because many people feel stress and people don’t recognize the reason why they feel stress, until now stress is always happening to everyone especially people who are not ready yet to see the big impact from the circumstance, please note; stress has power which it can influence our passion to turn something impossible to become possible thing, basically stress is created by the natural energy which flows and rotates very quickly within our brain because there’s something urgent happening and it needs solution immediately, when we know how to use the power of stress properly, stress can help human being to unlock the feeling of fear within our soul, the power of stress also can be used to collect some experiences and knowledge, stress will become stress when we don’t know to control or we don’t know to exchange it becomes motivation, please remember; every problem can’t create stress, the main problem is we lack of knowledge, unwittingly we can’t manage stress, finally the problem turns into stress and it is getting worse to hurt us.

 Don’t worry about stress impact, stress can’t influence human to die, stress knows about the human’s limitation and stress will run no longer time when we already achieve the goal, so stress has limitation and it can be resolved immediately when we activate emotional intelligence to manage it, stress doesn’t need hate, but stress needs human’s love, when we activate the power of love within us, so stress will help us to invite the fabulous creativity and idea to overcome our problem, the problem is not coming from the stress but we put our stress into problem, that's law the reason why I say like that because stress is part of natural energy, if you receive problem from any circumstance, ensure you need to calm down yourself from negativity impact, when you run away from the problem, means you let problem will hurt you, before you get stressed from circumstance, we train mindset to distinguish between love, challenge and problem.

 here is the antidote how to manage stress, namely by having big dream and clear purpose of life, when we have sense of urgency, dream can manage the human’s stress and also it can neutralize stress once we have problem even though problem we have is difficult, when we focus on our dream, stress will perish, Please ensure dream must stay with us if we want to change stress becomes power, dream can empower stress to do something great, its powerful, now it depends on our decision whether we want to learn or leave it, i would remind you that stress’s characteristic is neutral, it can never give the bad impact to the human being, without having power of stress, there is  growth.