How to manage time

          Today I would like to share how to manage time, the reason I choose that topic because many people are wasting the time for unnecessary activity and some of them are wasting time for rewriting history, if you want to manage your time, you need to imagine what valuable thing you need to prioritize and imagine that you are alive in 24 hours, I hope after you read this article, it will help you how to manage your time and stop wasting your time for meaningless purpose, please take a note that this life rule is too serious, when you lose your time, you will lose your fortune, when you lose the time, you will lose the opportunity because you can’t buy the time , in addition, time is not like a money, whether you use the time for doing what’s valuable thing or you don’t do what’s invaluable thing, time is always perish, that’s law.

Time is always limited edition, when you lose the time, you are not going to possess everything in this world, you need to make agenda first before you will use the time for making activity, the majority problem is merely coming from your insight value, the reason why I say like that because insight value can determine whether you are going to deserve or not in this life, when you lose your peace or when you lose your natural philosophy, you will never be enough to waste more time, so every single day you can’t figure out about who you are because you lose your self-esteem and you lose your self-identity, please take note; when you lose your time value means you train yourself how to become mischief,  after you become mischief, you always create the meaningless purpose in your daily routine activity such as hanging out with friend to grab food in the restaurant every week, make a party every weekend, etc.

Here I would like to add some more option how to manage time, first thing you must prepare is making your own agenda, the second thing you must train yourself how to be a discipline person, when you have the discipline program, you will no longer need an excuse to waste the time, that’s the key. if you really want to know how to appreciate about the time, you can compare the power of time value with other resources on earth, remember that every resources on earth have been calculated by almighty GOD and every calculation has limitation, so every resources on earth have no meaning without the time.


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