How to think like a man

Today I would like to share how to think like a man, the reason why I choose that topic because many women are mistreated by men and women deserve the best treatment from what men don't usually have, many women don't want to accept the men’s thinking pattern, please note for women; the first thing women should know that man’s thinking way is like the manufacturing machine, when there is something coming into the man’s head, man uses his logical thinking first to find the potential of problem, man will consider to select which problem can be handled, man doesn’t need to be corrected by woman when man is trying how to resolve problem, man’s brain is designed like a mental factory which is manufacturing something, find solution then  resolve them, that's man proposes and serves it to woman.

The man’s adult usually will make different ways before he will choose the best decision, man tends to think straightly the problem, man doesn’t think how to feel problem, man tends to show how quickly he will resolve the problem and he will leave the problem as soon as he can, man doesn’t store the problem in their head's inventory because man’s logical thinking will say “the faster you resolve the problem, the more comfortable you are, the slower you resolve the problem, you will be insecure”, so basically the man’s thinking way is like staying a shelter, shelter will be utilized for letting a man relaxed for moment after resolving many problems, in addition the man will be frustrated when he can't stay in his shelter.

 “The faster the man is thinking, the more option will be taken”, man doesn’t like to be led by women’s decision because man’s thinking is designed to be pioneer, troubleshooter, protect, secure, and game changer, man tends to think about solution rather than use his feeling to face the adversity, if we compare about women’s thinking way, man tends to find solution by his logical thinking, but woman tends find the right person and she prefers to talk about her emotional feeling, talking is the best solution for woman because the woman’s mindset is looking for the comfortable zone in order to reduce the emotional side effect, if there is man will use his feeling first to find solution rather than using his rational thinking, means he has got problem about his gender, so remember that man's brain is not designed to look for comfortable thing, but man's brain is designed to create something for making a fortune and providing the service to others, otherwise the woman is designed to look for pleasure, and woman tends to find something or someone to make them a pain shelter.