How to think like Sherlock

Today I would like to share how to think like Sherlock, this is first time for me to discuss about Sherlock’s figure, but there is something great I want to tell you about his mysterious explanation, as we know from the story that he was well-known as the distinguished detective who can uncover the riddle of crime in the late 19th century, as far as I know that he applied mathematics law, physic law, logic, philosopher, his thoroughness can be used for finding the tiny detail of evidence and the tiny detail will be considered to create the new idea, during his career as detective, he solves many cases with the impeccable timing, he is type of tough guy, he is not afraid to make mistake because he knows he always makes mistake during reveal the truth, he is having self-esteem character not because he has lot of fabulous idea, but he is good reader, being studious while he is young, his mind rebels technique but his mind prefers to welcome a problem, the more difficult of problem he gets, the more curiosity he is

So basically there is nobody will be great person in overnight, Sherlock always has strong principle, insatiable curiosity, thoroughness and he always considers the tiny details is very important by far in order to obtain the hidden clue, Sherlock doesn’t use the detail out of grand assumption, if we see at the circumstance, some people use assumption to solve the problem, please note; sometimes assumption doesn’t reflect to the reality, assumption merely reflects to the one’s mercy. The reason why Sherlock doesn’t use his assumption during resolving the riddle of criminal because he knows logical thinking and feeling are working in the different direction, Sherlock will feel perplexed if he is using the emotional intelligent to solve problem, from the statement above we can conclude; if we want to become a troubleshooter, we are not allowed to make assumption at the first moment before we prove something as the true motive.

 the reason why we are not allowed to make assumption first at the problem because every problem doesn’t need power of feeling, but problem needs solution and every solution can be identified by logical thinking and wisdom, basically everybody has same potential like Sherlock had, but there’s difference between Sherlock and most people, namely using the power of focus at least 5000 hours to make, Sherlock keeps focusing to find the clue although he has detected one hundred of immature analysis. It’s start from now, if we want to think like Sherlock Holmes, we need to use the power of logic, power of focus, thorough, discipline, vision, find an evidence and be explicit person.


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