How to understand about the law of time

          Today I would like to share how to change mindset by thinking differently about the time, the first term you must have in your mind is having the purpose of life and collecting some experiences with your restricted time, if you can make a plan how to make purpose of life and use your time by unleashing the gigantic power within yours, you will uncover the limitation about yourself and also you will recognize about your weaknesses, when you think differently about 24 hours, then you will accept the unconditional gift from the law of time,  follow where your unconditional love leads you within 24 hours, law of time says the more you act earlier, the more you get a feedback faster, the more time you use to believe about something then the more curiosity you will get from something, the more time you use to procrastinate about something then the more value you will lose from something, the more time you use for good purpose, the more incredible thing will happen, if you want to know when your good purpose works on you, you receive nothing after you do good deed to others.

          Basically law of time is reminding us that time is always giving us the new opportunity in every single day, whether we like it or not, time is always giving us the time value to make us create good preparation and we are asked by time to use our best preparation to pick up the opportunity in anywhere, time is like diamond, when you lose your diamond, there is always other people will pick up your diamond and they will use it to embody their dream or career, so everyone has same quota, 24 hours per day, means we will get 24 diamond per day.

           the difference between successful person and unsuccessful person are coming from the size of commitment, if we use it for the right purpose or wrong purpose, we always lose our diamond, our diamond can’t be exchanged with different size of diamond, the quota is always 24 pieces, same size and same standard, if we want to get reward from the diamond, we need to attract the time’s attention by awakening our value such as use ingenuity, use strong feeling, use ambition, use vitality, use discipline, use faith, use courage and use commitment to attract the time’s attention in order to bring abundance of benefit to us.

          Please remember that we can’t push or pull to the law of time to come in our  time faster or slower because time itself has limitation, so we need to make an efficient activity in order to create more value until the value can attract the abundance of benefit to us, here is the symptom that we already received the abundance of benefit from time, namely we receive the unconditional idea and unconditional love from this life.


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