How to understand the law of jungle

          Today I would like to share how to understand the law of jungle, the reason I choose that topic the part of living, this human's life can be represented with the law of jungle, maybe you will never learn about it, but let me explain about the law of jungle, it says “the stronger shelter you build with, the lessen feeling of fear”, the shelter i mean is power of mentality, if you insist how to make your mentality stronger and better,  you will get what you really want in this life, to understand about life, you need to embrace all the challenge and face the risk, we will not get what we want if we just obsess about something,  we need to choose living naturally, we must become the curious child but we must be planner like adult, that's the key how to survive in the jungle's life, don’t just become skeptical people who just need the instant process, if we understand about the law of jungle, we will accept the law of reality and stop expecting about something.

 Basically we can’t become qualified person if we are not trained to see the opportunity, please note; the pessimistic people can’t see the biggest opportunity because he is too skeptical and he doesn’t deserve the revelation, that’s the main problem why he can’t meet with the opportunity, whereas the optimistic people can interpret the biggest opportunity because they convince about themselves that they can collect the biggest opportunity although they always fail, remember that opportunity deserves the human's value such as having the fearless mentality, tenacious eagerness.

we can’t survive in this world if we don’t possess the jungle living mentality, the law of jungle says; every opportunity follows difficulty, mediocre follows the self-satisfaction, easy follows difficulty, every solution follows every problem, discipline follows commitment, dream follows passion, so everything in this life needs cause and effect pattern, as human being we need a clear purpose and strong reason to survive, in this life there is no shortcut way how to escape from law of jungle and we need to learn at any moment in the jungle,whether we like it or not with law of jungle, we will get the surprising news from it, when we don't make the best preparation, we will be killed by our mediocrity, that’s part of living in jungle. 

Please note; making good plan is better than living in the security place, in the reality of life, we will not know when we keep surviving or we are dying, there is no real security area because life is not designed to give what we need, life is designed to give what we deserve to win, we need to collect as much as the information in order to make us survive, without having information how to survive, we are likely the dead body, so we need to fight with ourselves every single day in order to make question and we will get answer from the reality of life, the proverb says “as you think, you will become” so jungle's life deserves good planner, good thinker and good reader.