How to unleash your full potential

          Today I would like to share how to unleash your full potential, the reason why I choose that topic because many people complain about their skillset, they said when they learn something, the result doesn’t make them thinking better, they think there’s something wrong with the subject they have learned, OK i know your problem but please take note; the problem doesn’t come from the subject you learn, but the problem comes from the decision you make, if you want to unleash full potential within yours, don’t expect the final result from the subject you have learned because the subject is just a tool, tool is not helping you to get enlightenment, but your resourcefulness is going to make you enlightened and know how to use that tool, so my advice is you; don’t waste your time to wait something which it isn’t happening yet, you must start to stop expecting because every expectation you make, it will hurt you back, but if you start to appreciate what you have recently, you will receive more than you do on your job, furthermore, if you are going to wait something until you think you are going to have something, you are never going to have something of any size of scope. 

if you just focus to work for something doesn’t work, don't stop in the middle step, but you must do something different or change tactic or strategy, don’t ever say to yourself that "my skill set doesn’t work for me", if you confirm such decision, by that it means you blame others and you blame the subject you have learned, here is my assignment for you, before you pick up your future needs, you need to prepare something because your great asset will let you become the resource maker, when you become resource maker, someone else will come to you at any time because you are never going to wait someone else to come, some says “if you want to catch the mouse, don’t set the mousetrap but you need to hire the predator” the reason why I advise such thing because when you set the mouse trap, it’s probably will hurt you when you forget, if you set predator, means you don't need to handle it directly, the mouse trap is tool, the predator is like your resourcefulness, please remember; every resourcefulness is designed to draw the law of attraction and let the natural law will work for you.

I just remind you about the positive news, every time you often by activating your passion, you create the momentum, the more momentum you create, the more potential you will receive, if you want potential working automatically, all you need to do is just merely doing what you want to inspire with consistently, if you choose to learn about the spiritual affair, you will learn about the spiritual intelligent, if you choose how to get happiness, you will learn how to implant your happiness in every day, you may not able to do all you find out, but to find out something big, you must do what you can do.