Is there something limiting you today?

          Today I would like to share about the topic how to learn about limitation, everybody has limitation and some people consider there is always something limited in the human's career, the reason why I choose that topic because i want to widen human's mindset about limitation, many people think the limitation will block human’s dream, but in fact the main cause which can create the limitation to the human being is coming from the human’s impotent dream, the reason why I imply such that because every powerful dream will lead to the human’s focus and bring impact to the detail of human's movement and also powerful dream can ignite the human’s curiosity.

Don’t ever underestimate about power of dream because it can seduce the human’s skill and power of dream also will make human’s feeling never felt bored about their life and time being, please note; every dream and curiosity are having self-defending power and they have strong bond to provide the mysterious path for human’s destiny, one more thing; if you really want to combine your dream and your curiosity in one state of mind, one day you will become the life maker and the life's game maker.

I know this idea is not simple because we will never know when we will meet with our limitation and obstacle ahead, when you think you can achieve your dream even though you don’t know when it will occur, that’s mean you succeed to break your fixed belief and you succeed to break your doubt, so basically every human has limitation and the biggest limitation is located on the personal mindset and also it is located the personal fixed belief. But when you think you pass your limitation, that’s mean you will have the undying passion because only developed mindset's person can create the impossible thing to be happened.

Whether you like it or not with your life story, you will take the risk and you can’t get away from result what you have done, please remember; when you don’t have eagerness to break limitation in your life, your limitation will get stronger and as result it will influence you to lose your value of potential, finally you will become a coward as always, the limitation only can be broken when you create the artificial emergency in your activity, the artificial emergency means you create the urgency project which pushes you to do something different rather than million people won’t do it, the emergency plan will make your focus clearer and greater than before. The side effect of limitation is educating human how to create the unproductive habit and create the procrastination's hobby.


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