What are the emotions behind anger?

          Today I would like to share about how to recognize the sign of human emotion behind anger, I am sure everybody once became a victim of the circumstance, the main cause is not coming from the circumstance but they failed to filter which best decision should be made at that time, the intelligent people just rely on intellectual intelligent rather than emotional intelligent, please note; life doesn’t compromise about the circumstance you’re involved with, life is the kind of machine which it needs your qualification as the raw material and machine will proceed your qualification no matter how long the time will be needed, life doesn’t need you know how it works the process but life needs you to believe the process, when you can control your anger, by that it means you become life maker.

I will tell you something that anger doesn’t need your patience but anger needs your philosophy to control it, so if you want to control anger for long time, you have to learn about philosophy, change your physiology and apply them in your daily activity, the reason why we need to study about philosophy and physiology because both of them know how to handle the anger and it can change from the feeling of anger to the feeling of inspiration, we can’t defeat the anger by behaving silent and calm person, but we need defeat the anger by becoming philosopher, then let natural skill within you will help you to neutralize anger, before the emotional intelligent will change into anger, we need to retool ourselves with the uncomfortable circumstance in order to neutralize the side effect of anger, the formula how to handle the anger is being good asker.

The reason why I advise such thing because every qualified question will multiply our reasoning to step forward and leave the feeling of anger, so if you think you learn how to handle your sensible way, the first thing you need to do is defeat your anger by having role reversal characteristic, it means you need to shift your emotion by doing something thoughtful, such as being busy person by helping other people whom need your logical thinking, when you accustom by doing that habit, unwittingly you will forget about your anger and you will meet happiness in any circumstance, so before you get angry, make sure you will keep distracting your focus to another directionyou may not able to change your anger overnight but you can change your direction overnight, I know you may difficult to defeat your anger, at least if you change your focus point to another point, hopefully this article will give you the enlightenment how to handle your anger.