What causes anger?

          Today I would like to share about what causes anger, I am sure anger can happen to every human being including me, although we don’t know when we can settle down our anger in the peacefully place, anger is always watching us in the unknown condition and it will make trap in anytime if we just follow the willingness of anger, in addition our logical thinking will be exchanged with evil purpose if we are tailed with anger, so my advice to you is if you get angry, the first thing you need to do is wash your face with the cool water in order to neutralize the anger’s side effect, the second thing you need to do is take deep breath, then exhale it to the air, repeat it several times, this condition will help us to release the hot temperature within our body. the third thing you need to do is train yourself by calculating the number or we mention the difficulties numbers, those simulation are so powerful because it will help you to increase the power of your logical thinking and finally your feeling of anger doesn’t grow up, 

So basically we must learn about the characteristic of anger, the reason why we must learn about it because there is no meaningful purpose when we get angry, beside that the purpose of anger is always hurting ourselves by eliminating our ideas and the anger may hurt other people’s feeling, once i was child, I had ever been angry all day long because i was trapped in my illusion and i didn't know how to reduce my anger, after I follow the method above mentioned, finally I can reduce the feeling of angry within me, the main cause why people get angry because they are trapped in the stress situation, they rarely get unconditional love from the family in daily situation, they rarely to take picnic, they are always been trapped in busy weekend and they rarely get the training how to survive in difficult situation.

 Basically we can prevent our emotional from evil purpose if we always keep searching the information how to behave positively, anger is like fire and it’s always having the power to burn everything in its surrounding, so sometimes we need to study about the characteristic of water, water is always behaving neutral, it doesn’t follow the stream line because it’s having the strong principle, water knows what they want to do when there’s something wrong, water is part of the earth component which is easy to adapt either good circumstance or bad circumstance, so there’s no anger will attack us if we are having water characteristic, here is the key of success how to prevent us from anger: don’t easily rely on other people’s helping, stop expecting to human being and start to appreciate what you have, you can train yourself by creating unconditional love to others and being productive person who always adapt with dissatisfaction treatment such as water’s characteristic.


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