What is the purpose of life?

purpose of life must be measurable

          Today I would like to share what’s the purpose of life, the reason I choose that topic because many people are dying for nothing, they tend to waste their time by satisfying the desire and not knowing how to clear mind from the pollution, please note; every desire has no clear purpose, every desire needs a leader, leader is our mindset, so you must be careful about it, desire can’t be used for improving the mindset, desire can be used for making you feel comfortable, before you want to know about the purpose of life, you need to reflect yourself with the current track you have made, if your track doesn’t reflect to your happiness, that’s mean, you go with the wrong track, happiness is the key how to determine the right purpose, you can’t get right purpose when you haven’t failed to get happiness.

          Now I will explain what’s purpose of life, life is having no bound and there is no limit zone, when we live without purpose, we are like drifting around in the sea without knowing which coastal area need to be approached, so we need some specific information in order to let us know about what exactly we want, after we know what we want, we need to make discipline program in order to awake the power of focus, without activating the power of focus, we will get distressed, only focus can help us to reduce the life’s magnetic flow which is happening thousand times per day, when we want to create the purpose of life, please ensure we can’t just let ourselves follow the life’s flow, if we just follow the life’s flow, we will rewrite the history and our soul can’t interact with miracle, idea and imagination.

          To make purpose of life is very simple, you just need to make comparison between risk and challenge, when you see problem as the difficult thing, you just need to make it simpler, you can consider it as challenge to increase your leverage, the more you learn something the more problem you have solved, the more you will become a wiser the more broken heart people will need your resources, the more you implant the kindness the more reward will be given to you, during waiting the new change from this life, we need to change our purpose of life, we can’t be better person when we are busy to judge something whether we like or we don’t like it, life doesn’t need to be judged by human’s evaluation, life just needs human to prepare something, life is always mysterious, so as human being we need to learn how to adapt and how to love with any circumstance although we don’t like it, before life is going to change us with the uncomfortable treatment, all we need to do is awakening our curiosity and make a strategy how to handle mistake and failure, that’s maturity, please remember; life is teacher and human is student.