What’s cuckold definition?

Today I would like to share about the definition of cuckold, the reason I choose that topic because many people want to know about the cuckold, this is very interesting to be discussed, cuckold is kind of mental illness, now I explain what’s cuckold definition; the man whose wife has made an illegal love relationship with another man, this habit is prohibited and it’s not good to be followed because this kind of habit is belonged to the misleading behavior, please note; cuckold is not part of human’s habit, but it belonged to animal’s habit, the reason why I say such thing because only person who has mentally illness, if we see in the reality life, only pig will let its companion does relationship with another pig for arousing a lust, this habit is irrational and it doesn’t reflect to the human’s habit, it’s madness, please be careful about this kind of illness because everybody may potential of having cuckold behavior, the people who have mental illness of cuckold, they will do anything in order to lessen pain, in order to reduce pain, the people will arouse others to get excited with illegal love relationship, its psychologically like animal instinct.

So basically cuckold habit will attack anybody else who has mentally ill, no matter you are man or woman, cuckold people are looking for fetish in order to reduce pain in their head, fetish are the way in which the subconscious attempts to deal with pain, when people are losing emotional intelligence, they tend to get injured with any circumstance, the cuckold people tend to follow the reptilian instincts, the main cause why people are following reptilian instinct because the reptilian's behavior and human's behavior are having 65% emotional characteristic is same, so this deviant behavior is caused by unresolved emotional issue.

Please remember the misleading characteristic will immobilize the human intellectual intelligent, that’s very dangerous because human are going to lose self-esteem, the key how to help the cuckold behavior is by breaking the mind pattern, send them to the place where they will taste the extreme suffering activity such as they work breaking stone by hammer at the asylum, if the deviant people have not yet been cured, their mental illness will influence to others who don’t know about cuckold’s behaviorThe cuckold people usually don’t know how to differentiate between lust and passion, so their mental illness are starting to whisper about sex informationtheir pain start to arouse somebody’s interest and make it as main pleasure, if human keep behaving like cuckold for long time period, I am afraid their characteristic will transform into the animal’s wild instinct


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