Why are you being late?

Today I would like to talk about the description of late, this word is often to be heard in the public, when we were children, we always were taught how to discipline during going to school, when you were coming late at school, we always consider time is not always right, now the question is "how do you know that time is not right, instead time is always counting your movement, your capacity and it always recording your excuses in situation", the main reason why we often come late because we always make a plan for it, remember when there is someone else is talking to you and he says “why you are coming late?: his reaction is “I am sorry because I am in traffic jam”, or he simply replies “there‘s something urgent came up, so I didn’t catch the time”, based on his reply, I consider that he has problem with his personal characteristic and he is type of person who is not committing with timetable, please note; the man can be valued as a trustworthy person when he always manages his time with timetable.

Please remember that every second per second is part of belief, when you often waste your valuable time for meaningless purpose, that mean you don’t believe about power of time, if you don't believe about time, who else can be trusted to help you how to fulfill your destiny, if we see in public, when someone else can’t catch the time punctually during meeting, the problem is not located about how much time he left, but problem will tend to his trustworthiness, if he is not appreciating about his time value, how can he puts his trust to someone else??, don’t ever try to lose your time table because the power of trustworthiness is located when you appreciate about how much time you need to thrift the time, when you thrift the time, time will work quicker than you imagine, but if you discourage yourself with distrustful story, you will lose your desire and you will be played with your procrastination habit.

I know it is not easy to make deal with time, at this moment I would like to share about how to make deal with time without having feeling worried or having feeling hopelessness, so the first thing all we need to do if we want to appreciate about the time is let’s think about the valuable thing we have recently and imagine that we can’t make copied it, if we think deeply about it, our subconscious mind will give us command "this is very priceless, never waste it for meaningless purpose", then our conscious mind will consider one hundred times before we deliberately to waste the time, sometimes we don't realize time has lent you the power how to make your ideas growing up, time teaches you how to improve your personality, times teaches you how to educate yourselves to behave positively, and many others, if you think time will give you power to create different thing in your life, you should invest your knowledge into it, so that time will seduce money and let the time will magnetize money to become your valuable vehicle.