Why money can’t buy happiness

Today I would like to share how to answer the question "why money can’t buy happiness?", the simple way how to answer that question; happiness and money are not equal each other, every happiness is belonged to the human’s emotional intelligence whereas money is facilitator to buy the worldly goods, so happiness doesn’t come from the worldly goods but happiness definitely comes from the progress, the more progress we make, the more fortune we get, the more fortune we give, the more happiness we receive, that's law.

 when you consider money can make you feel better, please remember it's just temporary condition which is running in the short term, you are going to taste bitter when you focus how to get money, besides that the purpose of the money is money will push you harder and harder in order to receive more money, but in another way your creativity is being locked from reality because money doesn't like you to possess an idea and creativity, the worse plan is being made by money is money wants to seduce you, the more money you earn, money will exchange your happiness with satisfaction and money insists you how to become a money making machine, starting from now, you need to retool your attitude about money, when you change your curiosity about money, your curiosity will not attract the money but your curiosity will find another route how to make money approaching with something bigger.

Money will come to you when you know how to win the money game, the definition of money game is money will serve the game and it will offer someone to follow the rule, this is very unique because people will start to play the money's game in order to know which side will win from this game, money or people? I will let you know how to buy happiness, if you are willingly to buy happiness, please forget about money and start to create happiness by giving something benefit to other people and make sure something you give which is not connected with money, by that it means, we sell our knowledge value, happiness is having opposite meaning with money, sometimes in order to get happiness, people need to build their creativity and give the result to others with the unconditional love, that’s the only way how to create source of happiness.

Sometimes people's attitude need to be tested with uncomfortable thing if they want to get wealthy, the reason why they must deal with test because wealthy demands responsibilitythe more responsibility we take, the more power will insist us to grow and mature, we can’t grow up when we just depend our live on money, the reason I say that because money will leave us when we don’t have law of attraction.


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