Why money is important

          Today I would like to share about the function of money; some people ask; why money is important, every people agree that money is facilitator and money can help us to buy worldly goods in this world, but now I would like to categorize three kind of human’s attitude when they have a lot of money in their savings, the first type of person; he considers amount of money have power to exchange between happiness and sadness, the second type of person; he considers money can be employed for fulfilling the satisfaction problem such as lifestyle, fashion, etc. the third type of person is he considers money is just leverage, by that it means money can leverage our standard of living, money can leverage our knowledge, money can leverage our social status in the neighborhood and money can be used to leverage people’s career, now my question is which type of person are you?

 Now I will widen your gaze how to understand about the difference between facility and stuff, money is an ordinary stuff where it has fixed nominal price within it whereas facility is something benefit which can be used by human to support what people need, all I say it’s “priceless”, if you understand how to use money for right purpose, you will consider money is not too important otherwise it’s unimportant thing, the reason i say like that because money is less valuable than you and money can't work without human's emotional intelligence, please note; you will lose your significant value if you worship money or you consider money as the most valuable thing in this life.

in the new century 21st people consider money as the most important stuff on earth because some people can't find the most valuable thing on earth, that’s reasonable reason why money is important for them, if you really want how to make money working for you continuity, your emotional intelligence needs to seduce money, by that it means, when you consider your emotional intelligence is having more valuable than sum of money, you will work for making an asset in order to attract the money, this purpose is intended to make money working for you everlasting.

 If you fail how to employ your emotional intelligence, you finally will work for money, as impact you will exhaust your valuable time and you will exhaust your physical value because you have drained your limitation, I myself will not agree when I choose to work for money in everlasting time because i know my limitation can't work for me, so I need to change my mindset with painful changes, then I choose to leave my old working habit at that time and start to create masterpiece, here is the important clue how to change your mindset; imagine money is like flowing water where it’s having unstoppable moment as long as there’s always market place, whereas utility is the pipe building design sometimes we don’t realize that everyone has pipe building design within their mindset, but we intend to ignore and we try to equivocate our focus by distracting with some of money, here is another clue how to get financial freedom title; don't focus on money but focus how to build pipe building, if you focus on pipe's building, money will flow inside the pipe and money follows where our pipe design is going.