Why money uncountable

          Today I would like to share about the topic why money uncountable because the money’s transaction is very difficult to be counted, difficult to be controlled and it’s very difficult to be predicted where it always been, the money’s speed can enter to any unknown situation and condition without informing us, as long as there is market place in our surrounding area and there’s transaction between the seller and buyer, that's the most favorite place from money's point of view, that's the reason money is belonged to uncountable stuff, as human being, we can't stand and continuously to live in market like money does, that's why human can't live longer when they just rely on the money's purpose, if human insist to live side by side and follow the money's principle, we are going to be slavery, not to be king or queen of the money, so we need to avoid the money's principle and we need to change the system in every market in this world like this "money's proposes, GOD's disposes", if you contemplate about this world,  i am sure you are having an uncountable potential to rule the money's game.

         Money will not develop by itself when we don’t start to open the key how to distribute money where it usually goes, so basically money needs a marketer like us, and we need to become a connector where we can employ the money to flow freely without any disturbance, please remember; money will not come to join the transaction when we don't make the channel which is connecting between money and market place ,that's money's unique principle, let the channel works for us and let's trust the process.

Please don’t let your soul get affected easily by money because money has an authority and it can erase our conscience mind and sell our self-worth for free when we insist to follow what money desires, so we must watch over with it, money has the outrageous power to increase or decrease the people’s degree, when we don’t know about the money’s rule, we will let money to enslave us till we are becoming the desperate person.

Here is the negativity about money’s characteristic, the first impact is money will make you forget about your resourcefulness, the second impact is money is going to teach you how to create the unproductive activity in every single day after you receive money, the third impact is money will not let your idea is changing your habit, in addition money will seduce you with many promotion until you will leave your masterpiece, the more you pursue the money, the more you feel uncomfortable, the more you attract your skill, the more you open opportunity for money to come, it’s law.

No matter how chaotic your mind, money can’t be persuaded to follow what you want because money has principle, so money is designed not to make you happy, but it can help you how to build happiness, money is not interested with your dream or your plan, money just wants to deal with your emotional intelligence, there is one way how to enslave money; fishing money with human’s value, here is the bait; increase your interest value, self-esteem, increase your wisdom, clear your goal, make discipline program, all those value will let you focus to enslave money.