How to create abundant life

Colorful Flower is representing abundant life
          Today I would like to share how to create abundant life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t differentiate between joyful of winning and  joyful of enthusiasm, if you want to create abundant life, you need to determine about type of lifework you have chosen, so in this article I would explain something different and something joyful where you can do when you are still working in your tight schedule activity, the first thing you should do if you want to create abundant life is start giving your achievement to other people whom may not know about purpose of their life and you can share about what did you learn recently to other people, so your outcome will make source of income for other people, the more you produce source of enlightenment to other people, the more gift you will receive it, that's key how to create abundant liferemember this note; the value of life is not talking how long you live on earth, but how importance you fulfill your mission until you know exactly about your destiny in the restricted time.
abundant life is begun from wisdom

Life is like molding clay, there’s always plan and action, when you want to build 50 cm height of building, you will get the result about what you are building, the more size of height of your dreaming, the more effort you need to fulfill your job, don’t agonize your dream when you can’t achieve it, maybe your dream is not making you excited or enthusiasm, you need to ensure the series of your story is mesmerizing you every single day, that’s your duty you need to complete, don’t try to blame about your fault because every fault is educating you how to learn more and how to keep striving before you get the reward, it’s easy to embrace hopelessness when there’s something insurmountable, we don’t have much time to mourn about what we loss, the only way how we think straight to make better living is always making strategy and tactic, make them as your lifework, don’t separate that method because life is not really excited when we lose one of them.
Flower bed is creating meaningful story  in life

Strategy is making our creativity is growing up and tactic is making our life is full excitement, if you want to make different thing in your story of life, try to do something you have never done before, then your subconscious mind will help you how to search something meaningful for your future, remember this note; the more you practice your subconscious mind by collecting the revelation, the more you master to control your emotional intelligence, here is additional note you need to do how to make your life is fulfilled is searching your resourcefulness by activating your curiosity and use it to breaking the unproductive fearfulness within your mind.

How to live peace with darkness

Sit down with empty mind

          Today I would like to share how to live peace with darkness, the reason why I choose that topic at my article because I would like to let you know how we have to learn and stay carefully on earth because there's darkness, we all know that darkness is having evil purpose which is living side by side with universe, darkness can live by its own way, they don’t need a light to live in this universe, darkness lives like a parasite, darkness is part of universe where human can learn to accept it without getting affected with darkness's influence, here is note; darkness can’t control the human’s lives and it can't teach human how to behave misbehavior, but darkness can get stronger when human feeds them with human's desperation and the power of desperation is started from hesitation.

          Darkness doesn't like with light of hope because it can exterminate darkness's power, light is represented with knowledge, and knowledge will guide human how to deal with power of darkness, here is the lesson for you; although is bringing evil purpose, but darkness can be used for maximizing the potential energy within human 's expertise, remember this note; darkness is not always bringing bad thing, darkness can be utilized to make our focus is clearer than what we see something to the object, but don't use darkness for continuity purpose because it can keep you away from the revelation for everlasting, for example; when you go to the movie theater, you will see the gigantic screen within building, when the film is started, the lighting area is being turned off, in this case, the lighting area is giving you blindness when you see movie and darkness gives you power of focus during enjoying and seeing the movie.
 darkness can't be avoided but it can be employed to produce enthusiasm

Light can give you a revelation and darkness can give you power of focus, if you want to live peacefully on earth, you are not allowed to blame darkness and also you can’t blame the lightness because both energy are living side by side, they will not fight because they live by the time frame in respective area, all you need to do is don’t use darkness when you want to get inspiration and don’t use lightness when you want to awaken your inner power, the reason why I say such thing because the light will give clue how to make creativity and produce an interesting idea, whereas darkness will awaken your enthusiasm and power of focus to follow your dream.
Meditation activity can be used to employ the darkness to attract the enthusiasm

Now I will give you the example how to describe about darkness; now imagine when you get meditation or when you want to sleep tight, do you feel the lighting or darkness within your sleeping condition?, When you can’t sleep tight at night because your mindset is searching the power of light and you use them to overcome problem, but when you want to sleep tight, you need to turn off your energy, so you need darkness during maximizing your sleeping condition, that’s mean darkness lends you a new power to continue the activity after you wake up in the morning, Remember this note; When bad thing is happening to good people, it’s not caused by people whom don’t learn something good, but human lack of hope, lack of enthusiasm, so we need to keep learning as if our hope were never perish.

How to live with 50 Cent

Money will make you becoming a money finder

          Today I would like to share the topic “how to live with 50 cent, the reason why I choose that topic because I want to share how to make different thing by manifesting our efficiency in this life, this note will make you feel differently if you read this article; life is not talking how much money you can earn, but life is talking how can you make some efficiency after you earn money? It doesn’t matter how much money you can earn, when you don’t know how to spend it to the right place, you are going to dig up your unhappiness because you lose respect about the money value, but when you can gain some knowledge and learn how to make efficient after you earn money, you will always gain some capitals within your mind, I give you an example; when there’s someone is given 50 cent, the poor guy will say to the money “what can I do with 50 cent because nothing I can buy with 50 cent” but if the rich guy is given to 50 cent, he will say to the money “what I need to give if I can afford 50 cent?”, I am really certain if you change your mindset with such question, your emotional intelligence will be growing and it will produce a lot of positive vibes.
money is just facilitation

This life is not talking about how much money you can use, but this life is talking how much money you can keep it for future, this habit is not easy to be applied, but if every single person will apply this habit, there is no single person will get anxious, in addition, our society’s rule will support if we have thrift habit,  but we don't have efficient habit, we will lose our future, if we look at to the market place, many seller are try to waste some capitals to buy brochure, buy advertisement, buy product, but very few seller is buying efficiency from their product, that's why many people are losing the market attractive value, in my opinion, if you focus on efficiency, it will not make your market place is ruined but efficiency will create your product is becoming a communicator for you.
Money is becoming partner when you have made them a worker

Please imagine, if you have 100 dollars, what will you do when you live to the forest, i am sure your money doesn’t valid or useless, by that it means money doesn’t teach you how to study about efficiency, remember this note; money is teaching you how to satisfy your satisfaction, but if you can use your money to buy some good experiences, you will live in efficiency and your life will be blessed, so you need live more efficient by reducing inessential activity which will make you stay away from the productivity, we can start to review from our lifestyle first, such as we control how much money we can use, how much physical energy we use it per day, how much emotional intelligence we use for caring others, etc.

Live smarter is better than live harder because life is always be neutral, the harder you work, the more difficult you will find answer, the smarter you work, the more efficiency you will get for answer, when you know your result will be coming multiply, don't just money is working for earning money but try to create money to become your survival, if you learn how to survive, you will make your life more efficient although you can earn a lot of money, remember this advice; money can't make you survive, but your spiritual is guiding you how to live better with money.

How to grow wealth with peaceful mind

peaceful mind

          Today I would like to share about the topic “how to grow wealth with peaceful mind”, the reason why I choose that topic because that topic can intrigue many people, furthermore when they are talking about rich and prosperous, but at this moment I would explain how to grow wealth with peaceful mind, so i would not talk about money or worldly goods, I just remind you how to employ with the great influence, now i will mention about the first great influence; namely positive vibes, i will let you know positive vibes is offering something favorable to us when we attract something with something meaningful such as idea, creativity, discipline, consistent,commitment and other positive emotional intelligence.
positive vibe's reaction

          If you insist to increase your mind with knowledge every single day, you must attach your heart with the positive vibes, let it works for you until you are enriched with some trusted passion, if we live in this world with idea and passion, your life is not going to be bored, trust me, it works, here is the quote when you want to change your mindset “don’t think with the same idea, every idea is just holding you from work pressure and idea is just giving you the trusted information how you can move forward, so don't just use same idea for getting one purpose, the more number of same level of idea you take to solve problem, the more difficult you find solution” by that it means, you are not going to obtain the answer when you are just depending your trust to one level of idea, remember this note; idea is just the axis of fire that leads you to the transit area, not guiding to your destination, so you need to fire your spirit with positive vibes until you can create unlimited fabulous idea.
challenge yourself

          Positive vibes is very important thing in this life because it is working like medicine, it can neutralize the negative feeling which lay insides within your heart and it will help you how to reduce negative feeling, but you need to practice when you want to produce positive vibes, so you need to commit that you can produce it every single day by finding someone or reference which can guide you how to make positive vibes, here is the great news; every positive vibes you produce, it can give you some antidote, so you can use it to reduce anxious, fear, traumatic, feeling unpleasant, or other bad feeling, here is the good  news; the more positive vibes you produce, the more you get an idea to increase your wealth in mind.
big idea is accumulation from small idea

           The main problem why many people are losing their idea because they just hope to meet with big reward, not preparing something to accommodate the big result within their mind, wealth is not talking about the number of gift you receive, but wealth is talking about the number of gift you spend, most people just expect good thing is happening, but they don't prepare how to handle the bad thing at the same time, that’s main problem they should solve when they want to live prosperous, you can change your mindset by practice, try to create a successful story series in every single day although you don’t have the real trophy in your room, so attach your good feeling with achievement, that’s make your live is reborn.

If you want to live prosperous for everlasting, don’t just make something simple to be difficult, but try to make something difficult to be simpler, learn something new that you have never learned before, the more you learn something, the more you see something, that’s principle that’s making me intrigues to write this article every day, remember this note; when you don’t find what you love the most, find something that make your spirit is enlightened and keep it alive every day, that’s key how to grow wealth with peaceful mind.

The invisible world within our mind

Follow your heart but gain knowledge in your head
         Today I would like to share about the invisible world within our mind, the reason why I choose that topic because i would share something great within our brain, i call it as unlimited wealth potential, basically our mind needs visualization when we want to do something, beside our inner potential will determine about something happen outside when we feel good, remember; we can't see the outer world when we are not feeling good, so at this moment I would share how to maximize our invisible world within our mind, our invisible world can attract something outside and it's working like magnetic, there are many ways how to make our mind like a magnetic, but there's question how to attract our mind like magnet, namely"what kind of product do you offer?" this question will maximize our mind. 
Challenge yourself before other people will step ahead on your record

         That's basic question how to maximize our brain's working principle, so we must know about our detailed product, we can't sell something that we don't like it, we must ensure our product related with our passion, remember this note; dream without plan, it's just wishes, so don't ever try to let our passion loses it's desire because it will create time-bomb for ourselves. if you want to maximize our potentialyou must study how to offer to other people although you don’t know how to start, challenge yourself with small accomplishment, the invisible world in our mind can’t work maximal when we don’t know how to make a critical question within our mind

      "The more you work harder to your passion, the more you get chance to make fortune", the reason I say like that because great passion will be author when we can offer critical question to our mind, critical question will help us how to visualize about the method , if your mind succeeds to make crisis condition, let circumstance will work for us and let life will offer you with the fabulous idea, please remember; if  you want to awaken the rich mindset, don’t just demand something you haven’t reached, but start to demand yourself how to awaken the invisible power within yourself , that’s agreement you need to fulfill.
unite your pieces of potential by discipline

          Not everyone wants to recognize their own invisible world because most of them are trying to follow other people’s successful story, in fact Almighty GOD has plan to offer good option to every human how to create destiny in this life, if only everyone could realize about their potential energy, I am sure everyone can make a fortune by their creativity, idea and philosophy, now the question is “how much responsibility you can bear with fortune?” if you can’t make different thing in your life, your soul will not find correct answer automatically, if you want start something you don’t know, you can find a question how to make distinction between what destiny you want to create and what location you want to go there, when you have clear purpose, miracle will help you to offer positive energy.

What to do with Stumbling block

stumbling block is just notification for your change

          Today I would like to share how to make different thinking, the reason why I choose that topic because there are many people don’t know how to behave positively when they are seeing problem, they consider problem is just stumbling block within their daily routines activity, so this article I would like to share how we must do before stumbling block is going to blockade our future’s journey, at the moment let me elucidate the method how to eliminate the stumbling block, the first thing we must realize that stumbling block can injure our good feeling if we repeat it every day, we know that there are many obstacles in this world are being trapped for us, this world wants us to make good preparation if we want to crush stumbling stone, this practical  will help us how to make a growth mindset, if we have a growth mindset, we can change from the impossible dream becomes possible dream, we only need one touch of our valid decision.
Stumbling's sign

I will remind you there is no dangerous obstacle will determine our future because every obstacle is designed to test your truthful decision, not killing your enthusiasm, now I will give you question, can you mention how much distinguish between people with fixed mindset and people with growth mindset?, the answer is the difference came from the law of attraction, that is the most powerful decision when we want to differentiate between growth mindset and fixed mindset, people who have fixed mindset just want to attract money whereas people who have growth mindset just want to attract the golden ways how to build a money bank, that's it, I am really certain every decision we make, it will create the unconditional love feeling and this feeling will help us to create visionary within our mindset, if keep studying with visionary, our decision becomes unbreakable, I know this decision needs practice and needs a positive vibes from the life circumstance, but if you really want to make great change in your life, you must do something you have never done before, that’s law how to make positive vibes and it can be used for attracting the law of attraction.
use stumbling block as stepping stone

 Don’t let your stumbling block will remove your attention about your future plan, your law of attraction will help you to make different thing in the different days, so I suggest you to train your future plan by getting relationship with nature law and you take as much as you can about positive vibes around your circle area, if you can’t meet with positive vibes within your circle area, please get out from it and find something which is making you get inspired a lot, if you do not doubt about your promising action, you can draw your future within your time now, and don’t forget one thing, “don’t let the pleasant feeling will make you feeling comfy in short time period, but create the unpleasant feeling to make growth mindset and use it to change your future and attract the law of fabulous happiness in your life”.

Hamburger in psychological

Hamburger's figure with same contents

          Today I would like to share how to have new mindset like a hamburger, the reason why I choose that topic because it has unique food where it has offered several pieces of vegetables and chopped meat where they have been put together within the layer of bread, if we look at the hamburger’s contents closely, it offers different size of ingredient such as size of lettuce, cheese, tomato slices, size of onion, drop of mayonnaise, size of pickled cucumber, etc. the lesson we can take from hamburger is although the food material is originally taken from the different resources but they stick together to make one purpose, if we want to make different thing in this life, we must collect some experience from different resource in order to make us easier to create one clear purpose, this life will offer miracle when we desire to achieve new target although it seems impossible, by that it means we need to keep studying from the different resources and we can use the result of resources to shape good philosophy.
Hamburger has different ingredient but they have one purpose

          Now if we compare with hamburger’s philosophy, humans also have several philosophy where they can be used by human being to reduce unnecessary thing, so humans try to unlearn from bad habit by using their resources, we can call resources as emotional intelligence, this resource is offering the most powerful option and it can influence the human to shape new mindset, strategy, tactic and relentless working. now i will discuss about hamburger’s mindset, if only hamburger could say like human, it will say “if I discard one of my main resources beneath the slice of bread, the taste of hamburger will be awful”, by that it means, all ingredients within hamburger are becoming useless when we separated them from the same placement, besides that, if we eat one of ingredient one by one, we can't taste hamburger, that's hamburger's philosophy.

two of big hamburgers

           Can you get it clear with hamburger’s philosophy? I hope you can learn from this lesson although it seems unimportant, but remember, everything is this life is can be useful when we have enough resourcefulness and this life is teaching how to survive, every single day we are being offered by the time being to collect some experience, this method is intended to let us collect fortune from life’s circumstance and we can call them as the best teacher ever lived, here is additional lesson from ancestor “if you work hard by looking for job, you can make a fortune, but if you work hard by looking for inspiration, you can make a fortune”.

Eagle in psychological

Flying eagle

          Today I would like to share about Eagle’s characteristic, the reason I choose that topic because there is something great within Eagle’s habit, as we know that eagle is well known as top eater chain, it’s carnivore, Eagle can fly over 200 km/hour rather than a common bird and Eagle’s speed is very fast, it can swoop the prey by making acrobatic movement, sometimes Eagle can swim into the water when the prey is swimming beneath the water's surface, eagle is always becoming top predator because it’s always being different and it always learning from failure from time to time, as we know that eagle has transformed becoming a new eagle after 30 years old, after that eagle needs to survive without hunting the prey because the claw and beak are falling to become blunt and Eagle needs to wait the regenerating process at least 3 months to reborn until they are ready to hunt again.
eagle is trying to swoop the prey

          So what lesson we can learn from the eagle’s living? The first thing what we can learn about eagle’s living is they are staying calm while they are seeing the prey’s location from faraway distance, Eagles don’t need more time to make explicit decision about where the exact location of the prey because they always believe about skill and strategy which it’s usually been used to hunt, besides that eagles believe with natural system when they start hunting, that’s major time, so as human being we need to live in the major time like eagle's living, if we want the universe’s rule follows us, we must start to follow the eagle’s principle, for example; we can discard the inessential thing in our past memory such as bad habit, please note; we can’t make better living when we don’t give an explicit decision, we can't make better living when we don't ever try to do something we never do, the key is bring our unique skill to this life and give our good philosophy to the universe’s rule.

           Eagle’s living sometimes needs to be alone when they are start hunting, they don’t like to hunt with other folks of birds because they know and believe all preys are living beneath in the predator's authority, although Eagle can make living in big group, they always share remaining of the prey's body to the other folks of eagles, here is the specialty of eagle; they can fly over higher in the sky rather than the ordinary birds where they usually fly over the sky, so as human being, we are unique creation, we are better than eagle’s philosophy but all human must consider themselves like a student, Eagle is the best predator because they always do what other birds won't do, as human being, at least we can serve something good where other people 99% won’t do, that's make us well known as supreme justice maker, if we keep doing that, I believe we will create an extraordinary gift to others and we become a great sage.

Patriots in psychological

Patriot's figure

          Today I would like to share how to become patriot in the simplest way, if we look at the Patriot’s meaning, it is explaining how to become hero who can defend the country’s territory and he can defeat the enemy, but now I will elucidate the purpose of patriot from the different point of view, the first thing with question, what will we do if someone wants us become patriot? then he will give a duty to us and say "stopping against the racism", the reason why someone suggests something like that because that's the major priority of patriot, as social creature, we must not defend your idea by judging other people’s ideas is mediocre, as patriot, we must consider other people’s idea is really amusing, so live peacefully on earth is the major priority from patriot’s mindset, here is patriot's mindset "treat other people well like what we receive good treatment from good people".
Patriot's standing style

          Patriot is not waiting someone else who deserves better life, in fact patriots create something benefit for other people who may need patriot’s service, the second thing, what will we do if someone wants us to become patriot? We must consider vision is important, patriot thinks vision is better than strategy because strategy can’t create vision otherwise vision create multiple strategy if we want to, there’s no excuse for not trying, that’s patriot’s idea and principle into this life, patriot is not thinking or obsessing to make benefit for himself only but patriot is always thinking how to be remembered by other people and how to leave a render of service for other people, so patriot’s mindset is like what hero does although he himself doesn't know whether the product he gives will be liked or will be hated by other people, patriot’s mindset is not thinking about the benefit at first time but he thinks how to make good relationship with others.

          The third thing, what will we do if someone wants us to become patriot? patriot does soul searching in every single day, the reason why I suggest such thing because the best product of patriot's hand is do something valuable, patriot considers doing valuable thing can’t be finished at one time, but patriot always increases the number of the valuable product of service, here is the additional note for you; the more you create the valuable thing, the more number of gift will be given to you in the unexpected ways, so be proud about yourself when  you have good service and you can keep improving about self-reliance, keep exploring about the moment because we can’t always create the momentum , besides that our time is very limited, when we can’t become patriot anymore, at least we can leave a good service to our parents, our siblings, some relatives, other people around the world.

Daredevil characteristic

Daredevil figure

          Today I would like to share how to learn about daredevil’s characteristic, the reason why I choose that topic because daredevil character will give us lesson how to survive in this world without harming other people or other creature, some people think daredevil characteristic is crazy or very dangerous attitude, if we think differently about daredevil characteristic, we can empower this character to pull the unlimited potential from the universe, daredevil characteristic is not always making us to do something unnecessary, but it will offer different thing although there are many people will hate it, please remember; doing the dangerous thing is different with doing unnecessary, daredevil character will give you another idea how to create better future with different action, if we know how to employ the daredevil’s power, we can use it for improving self-reliance and we will become trouble shooting maker.
daredevil has no fear and has no scarcity

some people consider daredevil is having a lot of negativity, but now I will give you a concrete sample how to employ the negativity for the right purpose, please imagine about your feeling of afraid, if you are just being afraid of something without knowing why you are afraid about it, you will lose the desire value of yourself, that is negativity's side effect, but if you use your fear to motivate yourself, you can do anything when other people won't do, your fear will push you to study well because you are afraid how to become a poor, that's positive's side effect how to employ negativity, if we review little about the daredevil characteristic, this characteristic looks great and fearless, this character will help you how to shape a growth mindset, when there's someone who has daredevil characteristic, by that it means, he knows how to handle with risk management and he knows how to eliminate the side effect of dangerous.
Here is the benefit about daredevil characteristic; it has strong influence and it will offer you with the different strategy and tactic rather than  common characteristic which have ever been used by ordinary people, if you have daredevil characteristic, please use it for mankind's welfare, not for our private regard, this characteristic will lend you power how to face the failure, how to make troubleshooting idea, and how to empower your physical, but you must be careful about this characteristic because this characteristic will lend you power how to monopolize the society's law, every day you will get affected with strong emotion until you forget how to rest your healthy

Halloween in psychological

          Today I would like to share how to learn about the Halloween, the reason why I choose that topic because I have heard many people spend a lot of money in order they celebrate the Halloween event annually, but now i will give you different perspective about it, I will let you know that side effect of Halloween event, if you review for moment about the horror movie, almost horror movie is adopting the story from ghost, and ghost is not part of human's lives, ghost is always bringing a fake promise or treat if you learn deeply about it.

           Here i will share the different perspective about Halloween's event, Halloween is not telling about the human’s peacefully live, but it tells about the other creature such as ghost, black magic, etc. we must agree based on logical thinking that there is no benefit if we rely on black magic or related with ghost, when human is passed away, they can't be resurrected in this world, no matter how strong we insist a ghost or a dead body to return in this world, it’s not going to happen, it’s useless, we can’t live side by side with the dead body, ghost, black magic, or something like that, in fact a ghost’s existence will create bad influence to humans live, it can create the negative mind and its solely intended to attack humans serenity, furthermore ghost has no entitled to fulfill human’s lives, please remember; ghost has no meaningful idea how to help human to make prosperous lives, ghost uses human's desire to break the natural law and ghost will give human about misleading purpose in life.
Ghost only gives human with fake promise

Please note; ghost is not considered as other significant life, every ghost has own responsibility to worship the rule which being asked by Almighty GOD, ghost’ is just waiting the eternal punishment from almighty GOD after the judgment day will come on earth, so there’s respective responsibility between human being with ghost, please remember; ghost doesn’t need something from human’s necessity because ghost knows human can’t create something better like what ghost always creates, I will remind you why humans need to stay away from ghost because ghost had brought a destruction long time ago on earth before human being has been created for the first time.

 So I would like to remind you again; Halloween is not considered as the human’s activity, but ghost’s annual party, they have own rule how to celebrate the party, here is the important note; human’s instinct doesn’t exact precisely like ghost’s instinct. Ghost and human can live side by side on earth, i recommend we don't make relationship with ghost like what we did relationship with other people, ghost doesn’t have good intention, it will betray us when we start being greedy, that’s all what I share to you and I hope this article will help you how to live peacefully with ghost.

How to make Stress management

          Today I would like to share how to make stress management, the reason why I choose the topic because stress management will give you most powerful idea how to manage stress, we can’t live peacefully without control, like the wise word says “power is nothing without any control and passion is meaningless without any creation” so basically stress is part of incredible power, it will empower your idea to do something great and it's rational, power  of stress will empower your principle while you are going to build relationship with business, if you look at the company around the world, most of them have own rule how to control the human resources,  but they don't have stress management within their department, please note; every company must have good philosophy if they want to see happiness employee, so company must have stress management, without applying stress management, I can ascertain the employee’s mentality can’t grow when they just being offered with money, happiness can't be bought by worldly stuff and this circumstance will create unhappiness state, so every day employees will feel uncomfortable because they are pushing their limitation, not focus on how to work with a growth mindset.
human is being chased by the time because human feel stress

When company is offering a bonus or paying two times salary to every employee, this method will not cure the employee’s distress because money is just suppressing employee’s distress for temporary, please remember; money can’t cure the unstable emotional intelligence, money will not give long lasting guarantee for our lives, money is just entertaining us for short term period, on the other hand, money will create brutal mentality if you are not careful with it, that’s money’s main purpose, many companies in the world don’t have any experience how to empower the employee’s working way, they just focus how to make benefit but they don't consider about employee's mentality health, that's why many employee can't differentiate between happiness and force, some companies use money as mental destroyer machine, by that it means, employee will be forced to believe something true although we don’t know the meaning of it.
distress characteristic

There are many ways how to create stress management, in my opinion; if you want to help your company how to create stress management, the first thing you should prepare is “the announcement board where it tells about reward and punishment’s notification for all concerned employees”, the second thing you should prepare is asking the management to reduce overtime working hour and change the activity with relaxation program such as take sport, meditation program, yoga, clinical psychology, etc. that’s my opinion how to make employee feel comfortable during working at the company, you can start to apply the stress management program if you want to feel big difference between money's mindset and healthy mindset, here is the good news; the more you focus how to reduce stress, the less number of employee will resign from your company.