A man proposes, God disposes

          Today I would like to discuss about “a man proposes, God disposes”, from that statement, I want to remind you related with the mysterious way in this life, if there’s something happening in this world because almighty GOD disposes the process which has been done by human mindset, life will need process and setup in order to meet with chance, from that moment we will get lesson from the result, beside that we can use the lesson as self-improvement, i would remind you every chance is designed by Almighty GOD to facilitate human's necessity, so that human will maximize idea and creativity to create a fortune, the positive way is the law of nature will work automatically when we create the setup accurately, there is no good result is happening in this life without attaining good process within it, when we just do something without attaining good process, so the journey of process will tend to misleading way, what we can learn about this lesson is talking about gift, everything gift is always bringing a good impact to the people when they already know how to use it, but when they don't know how to use gift, they will discard it as junk.

Basically we can’t make a good thing without considering the accurate process and the accurate moment, as human being we only can create the accurate process whereas Almighty GOD has duty to create the accurate moment, so we can’t finish something by disbanding the accurate moment and accurate process, here is mindset for getting new light; not all problem want to accept our dissolution, problem only needs the rational decision and commitment from us, so we only have a chance to make one purpose till it ends, don’t try to change our next destiny suddenly because we will lose the value of direction, we can’t make best answer without collecting the little experience from the detail point we left in the past moment, sometimes we need to adapt with new occasion when we want to survive with our commitment, without attaining a certain drive and a certain intelligence, we definitely can’t make a big change, a big change is started from resolving a small problem continuously.

Please remember that we only need to expert in one case first when we want to expert in another case, that's requirement and every proposal from the life circumstance is intended to test our endurance, proposal is like a ladder, there is step which is ensuring we will step on the ladder correctly, when we don’t want to get into the process, we will never solve the problem, sometimes we need to forget our ego in order to take new responsibility from the circumstance, that’s act of maturity, during learning the process, don’t try to skip the process because every process will give you the booster to take you to the higher standard in the way not everyone can achieve to that position, to make you complete the process, you must commit that you don’t give up entirely because every your commitment will upgrade everything within your mindset.