Eagle in psychological

Flying eagle

          Today I would like to share about Eagle’s characteristic, the reason I choose that topic because there is something great within Eagle’s habit, as we know that eagle is well known as top eater chain, it’s carnivore, Eagle can fly over 200 km/hour rather than a common bird and Eagle’s speed is very fast, it can swoop the prey by making acrobatic movement, sometimes Eagle can swim into the water when the prey is swimming beneath the water's surface, eagle is always becoming top predator because it’s always being different and it always learning from failure from time to time, as we know that eagle has transformed becoming a new eagle after 30 years old, after that eagle needs to survive without hunting the prey because the claw and beak are falling to become blunt and Eagle needs to wait the regenerating process at least 3 months to reborn until they are ready to hunt again.
eagle is trying to swoop the prey

          So what lesson we can learn from the eagle’s living? The first thing what we can learn about eagle’s living is they are staying calm while they are seeing the prey’s location from faraway distance, Eagles don’t need more time to make explicit decision about where the exact location of the prey because they always believe about skill and strategy which it’s usually been used to hunt, besides that eagles believe with natural system when they start hunting, that’s major time, so as human being we need to live in the major time like eagle's living, if we want the universe’s rule follows us, we must start to follow the eagle’s principle, for example; we can discard the inessential thing in our past memory such as bad habit, please note; we can’t make better living when we don’t give an explicit decision, we can't make better living when we don't ever try to do something we never do, the key is bring our unique skill to this life and give our good philosophy to the universe’s rule.

           Eagle’s living sometimes needs to be alone when they are start hunting, they don’t like to hunt with other folks of birds because they know and believe all preys are living beneath in the predator's authority, although Eagle can make living in big group, they always share remaining of the prey's body to the other folks of eagles, here is the specialty of eagle; they can fly over higher in the sky rather than the ordinary birds where they usually fly over the sky, so as human being, we are unique creation, we are better than eagle’s philosophy but all human must consider themselves like a student, Eagle is the best predator because they always do what other birds won't do, as human being, at least we can serve something good where other people 99% won’t do, that's make us well known as supreme justice maker, if we keep doing that, I believe we will create an extraordinary gift to others and we become a great sage.