Halloween in psychological

          Today I would like to share how to learn about the Halloween, the reason why I choose that topic because I have heard many people spend a lot of money in order they celebrate the Halloween event annually, but now i will give you different perspective about it, I will let you know that side effect of Halloween event, if you review for moment about the horror movie, almost horror movie is adopting the story from ghost, and ghost is not part of human's lives, ghost is always bringing a fake promise or treat if you learn deeply about it.

           Here i will share the different perspective about Halloween's event, Halloween is not telling about the human’s peacefully live, but it tells about the other creature such as ghost, black magic, etc. we must agree based on logical thinking that there is no benefit if we rely on black magic or related with ghost, when human is passed away, they can't be resurrected in this world, no matter how strong we insist a ghost or a dead body to return in this world, it’s not going to happen, it’s useless, we can’t live side by side with the dead body, ghost, black magic, or something like that, in fact a ghost’s existence will create bad influence to humans live, it can create the negative mind and its solely intended to attack humans serenity, furthermore ghost has no entitled to fulfill human’s lives, please remember; ghost has no meaningful idea how to help human to make prosperous lives, ghost uses human's desire to break the natural law and ghost will give human about misleading purpose in life.
Ghost only gives human with fake promise

Please note; ghost is not considered as other significant life, every ghost has own responsibility to worship the rule which being asked by Almighty GOD, ghost’ is just waiting the eternal punishment from almighty GOD after the judgment day will come on earth, so there’s respective responsibility between human being with ghost, please remember; ghost doesn’t need something from human’s necessity because ghost knows human can’t create something better like what ghost always creates, I will remind you why humans need to stay away from ghost because ghost had brought a destruction long time ago on earth before human being has been created for the first time.

 So I would like to remind you again; Halloween is not considered as the human’s activity, but ghost’s annual party, they have own rule how to celebrate the party, here is the important note; human’s instinct doesn’t exact precisely like ghost’s instinct. Ghost and human can live side by side on earth, i recommend we don't make relationship with ghost like what we did relationship with other people, ghost doesn’t have good intention, it will betray us when we start being greedy, that’s all what I share to you and I hope this article will help you how to live peacefully with ghost.