Hamburger in psychological

Hamburger's figure with same contents

          Today I would like to share how to have new mindset like a hamburger, the reason why I choose that topic because it has unique food where it has offered several pieces of vegetables and chopped meat where they have been put together within the layer of bread, if we look at the hamburger’s contents closely, it offers different size of ingredient such as size of lettuce, cheese, tomato slices, size of onion, drop of mayonnaise, size of pickled cucumber, etc. the lesson we can take from hamburger is although the food material is originally taken from the different resources but they stick together to make one purpose, if we want to make different thing in this life, we must collect some experience from different resource in order to make us easier to create one clear purpose, this life will offer miracle when we desire to achieve new target although it seems impossible, by that it means we need to keep studying from the different resources and we can use the result of resources to shape good philosophy.
Hamburger has different ingredient but they have one purpose

          Now if we compare with hamburger’s philosophy, humans also have several philosophy where they can be used by human being to reduce unnecessary thing, so humans try to unlearn from bad habit by using their resources, we can call resources as emotional intelligence, this resource is offering the most powerful option and it can influence the human to shape new mindset, strategy, tactic and relentless working. now i will discuss about hamburger’s mindset, if only hamburger could say like human, it will say “if I discard one of my main resources beneath the slice of bread, the taste of hamburger will be awful”, by that it means, all ingredients within hamburger are becoming useless when we separated them from the same placement, besides that, if we eat one of ingredient one by one, we can't taste hamburger, that's hamburger's philosophy.

two of big hamburgers

           Can you get it clear with hamburger’s philosophy? I hope you can learn from this lesson although it seems unimportant, but remember, everything is this life is can be useful when we have enough resourcefulness and this life is teaching how to survive, every single day we are being offered by the time being to collect some experience, this method is intended to let us collect fortune from life’s circumstance and we can call them as the best teacher ever lived, here is additional lesson from ancestor “if you work hard by looking for job, you can make a fortune, but if you work hard by looking for inspiration, you can make a fortune”.