Happiness is simple

Happiness is nourishing mood swings to become self-motivated

Today I would like to share how to create simple way for our happiness, as we know that not all people can build happiness because they think happiness is needing more time to be shaped or need more time to grow, in fact; happiness is in the state of qualified mindset, happiness is started when we can invest something new within our life agenda, happiness can grow by itself when you spread your qualified information to other people, that's law, and one day other people will pay something more than what you always do, please remember; people who can't make own happiness, they tend to invest depression to other people, that's lawthe more you care to other people, the stronger you are, the more you work harder for your resources, the more unique you are at the outcome, the reason why I say like that because all resources you create is indicating that you are in the happiness state, in my opinion, you succeed to build resources because you have had a joy of winning after you have struggled with your mediocrity.
happiness is growing up, not static
Please remember this note “happiness is working like a nature, it's needs developing process, means you will not get happiness when you stop the developing process, all i say the simple way is keep growing your mission and keep nourishing your mindset with positive vibes”, but when we take a look at other people’s point of view, they think happiness needs some extra money to buy with, but in fact they lose their money for meaningless purpose, the problem is they don't want to study how to sow something benefit for future here is another simple way how to make happiness is stop focusing about your expectation, and start to retool your philosophy, that’s act of maturity.
happiness is teaching how to improve self potential and accept the reality

 Meanwhile not all people can't build happiness because they just obsess about the future’s plan and they don't search something different by today, in my opinion they prefer to create the depression state, the reason why I say like that because they deliberately to lose today’s time value by doing unproductive activity and overestimate about future's plan, so their activity doesn't talk about happiness, but it’s talking about self-importance. Please take note; hardest way how to get happiness is always needing obsession, but simple way how to get happiness is looking for inspiration, the reason why i say like that because inspiration is talking about power of hope and hope can't be built when we can't leave the past moment, happiness is always being adapting process with unpleasant thing, when you think you are always building different subject by today, the future's result will be different, when you are building the same subject, you will create depression, that's nature law, so you make sure happiness you have made is not staying at one time per day.


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