How to adapt with new circumstance

          Today I would like to share how to adapt with new circumstance, the reason I choose that topic because almost every single day we will meet with different thing is this life including the new circumstance, every day we will meet with different circumstance, sometimes some people around us can’t deal with new change because they are used to face the unpleasant moment in every single day, if we can’t adapt ourselves to face the reality of life, so that we can’t be grateful today and we start to blame the unpleasant thing which may come to our daily activity, please remember this rule; we can’t welcome the new day once we can’t leave the old day in the past, that’s mean no matter how happiness or sadness we are at the moment , yesterday is yesterday, so we need to be an eyeopener and learn something new today or our time will be left behind by opportunity.

There are many ways how to adapt with new circumstance, now the question is “are you ready to accept the unpleasant thing within your happiness state?”, that’s challenge which is offered by new circumstance in every day, sometimes we need to be a new guy which is determining new decision and leaving our ego in order to make us easier to track down all problem which may happen to us, the key how to adapt with new circumstance is embrace the new day, leave our identity and be a good student, not be a follower, the reason why I say such thing because the capacity of being follower and being a good student are having different purpose, a follower is just passing the time and try to amaze someone else's achievement, whereas a good student is being new learner, we will not know what moment will be happening in tomorrow, when we deliberately insist to meddle with yesterday’s moment for long time, our soul would be stuck in the yesterday’s moment and we would taste everything in this life like a prisoner in jail.
be good influence maker

 Please remember; life is not just passing the time or watching the clock till we take a break, but life needs our experience and also it needs our philosophy, the reason why I say like that because life is an automatic machine, machine will need something to make product, our emotional intelligence is part of the fuel and our decision is utmost valuable thing to determine the machine's processing, when we activate our sadness, everything we see or don’t see will be ending miserable, so life will process something for us after what we decide something, when we realize life is happening for us, that’s mean we will be offered something new to be learned and we must be watchful over it, when we can eliminate the unpleasant thing within our mood, so our miserable feeling is gone, that’s rule.