How to control mood swings

          Today I would like to share how to control mood swings, the reason why I say like that because every change of your mood will determine to the right decision and every decision you make will alter new possibility to change the situation which may disturb your concentration, the question is “can you make good decision when your mood swings is started”? The fact is saying “we can’t change the circumstance but we can change ourselves” the statement means not all bad circumstance will bring a bad influence to ourselves as long as we can control our mood swings, all bad influence will change us when we don’t know what to do with our mood swings, maybe you will ask me “when we can start to control mood swings?” the answer; when you can overcome unpleasant thing and change it into pleasant feeling, you can master your mood swings, but when you feel pleasant to unpleasant thing, you can’t control mood swings.

Mood swing is just like clutching and brake pedal, it doesn’t need to be controlled when we don’t meet with the unpleasant thing, mood swings indicates that we are going to lose our control and we can’t give reaction because our mood is unstable, my advice is "when you meet someone who can’t control his mood swings, you make less communicate with him", the reason why I say like that because the more you communicate with unstable person, the more often you will be ignored by him, so stay away from unstable person as the best option because we can give him a time to control what he really wants in this life, don’t think communicating often will solve every problem, it would better to serve new information rather than giving judgment to someone that he doesn’t understand it, the key how to face with people who can’t control their mood swing is giving them empathy, not solution, the meaning of empathy is see something from what other people seeing, listen from what other people listening and feel what other people feel something.
happiness and sadness are in temporary, but wisdom is eternal

Someone can feel irritated suddenly when we take something where it shouldn’t belong to us, especially people who have a private matter, the most valuable thing we can offer to people who have mood swings is offering an idea, offering empathy and offering the contemplating time, please remember; someone will understand you automatically when you can serve about what they need and not trying to persuade them to follow you, let they learn something from what we have given to them, that’s act of empathy, remember that we have not entitled to control other people's mood swings, we only give empathy in order to make defense for us, we can start to let the miracle will work and retool people’s mood swings.


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