How to create abundant life

Colorful Flower is representing abundant life
          Today I would like to share how to create abundant life, the reason why I choose that topic because many people can’t differentiate between joyful of winning and  joyful of enthusiasm, if you want to create abundant life, you need to determine about type of lifework you have chosen, so in this article I would explain something different and something joyful where you can do when you are still working in your tight schedule activity, the first thing you should do if you want to create abundant life is start giving your achievement to other people whom may not know about purpose of their life and you can share about what did you learn recently to other people, so your outcome will make source of income for other people, the more you produce source of enlightenment to other people, the more gift you will receive it, that's key how to create abundant liferemember this note; the value of life is not talking how long you live on earth, but how importance you fulfill your mission until you know exactly about your destiny in the restricted time.
abundant life is begun from wisdom

Life is like molding clay, there’s always plan and action, when you want to build 50 cm height of building, you will get the result about what you are building, the more size of height of your dreaming, the more effort you need to fulfill your job, don’t agonize your dream when you can’t achieve it, maybe your dream is not making you excited or enthusiasm, you need to ensure the series of your story is mesmerizing you every single day, that’s your duty you need to complete, don’t try to blame about your fault because every fault is educating you how to learn more and how to keep striving before you get the reward, it’s easy to embrace hopelessness when there’s something insurmountable, we don’t have much time to mourn about what we loss, the only way how we think straight to make better living is always making strategy and tactic, make them as your lifework, don’t separate that method because life is not really excited when we lose one of them.
Flower bed is creating meaningful story  in life

Strategy is making our creativity is growing up and tactic is making our life is full excitement, if you want to make different thing in your story of life, try to do something you have never done before, then your subconscious mind will help you how to search something meaningful for your future, remember this note; the more you practice your subconscious mind by collecting the revelation, the more you master to control your emotional intelligence, here is additional note you need to do how to make your life is fulfilled is searching your resourcefulness by activating your curiosity and use it to breaking the unproductive fearfulness within your mind.