How to differentiate between foolish and irrational

          Today I would like to share how to differentiate between foolish and irrational, the reason why I choose that topic because many people don’t understand how to differentiate and some of them consider the irrational thing is started from foolish attitude, so now I would explain how to do and what to do when we feel our action are being rejected and being valued by other people as foolish, the first thing how to do the right thing when you are being valued as foolish person namely; we are being good listener, not just pretending how to be good listener, that’s the important value, the second thing what we do when we are being valued by other people as foolish namely; we must stay away from the pollutant zone for temporary, the reason why I suggest like that because that circumstance will insist us to get angry all the time when we get along with the pollutant zone, sometimes not all people can understand about what we are doing but the best revenge to show them is prove our commitment that we are not being a foolish but we are doing different thing for other's necessity, i can conclude making judgment is easier rather than thinking about something, I am sure this decision is not easy, but life will show us a unique when we do the right thing and ignore the subjective judgment.

          Being foolish person means we are too clever to go to the dangerous zone where nobody wants to put themselves in that parameter area, I am sure very few people will understand about that statement above, the reason why people are afraid to get into that area because they are used to do something mediocrity in every single day, so they will waste their time by judging to our weaknesses and they will leave the feeling of hatred to us, sometimes we need people's judgment in order to remind us that we need to improve something in every day, please note; the more often we are being judged by people, the more opportunity they will give it to us because they don’t know what to do with opportunity, that’s rule. furthermore only the uncomfortable feeling can teach us how to create a great moment rather than living with comfortable thing, growth mindset educates  us how to secure the insecure thing

Now we are talking about the irrational, the meaning of irrational is there's unknown clue which is approaching to us and that clue will let us learn something more than other people won't do, the unknown clue usually will leave something behind us in order to let us track down, irrational mindset doesn't mean someone is being crazy or mediocre, but he has extraordinary mindset to create the unexpected thing, that's why the irrational people often to stay silent because he knows not at all understand what he is talking about, if we want to learn about the irrational thing, we should refer to the universe and nature’s story, they all work by system, it's designed to serve something greater, they are running flexibility and complexity, on more thing; the universe's system are being controlled by timing system, the universe comes in perfect timing and it's never coming late, if we want to be irrational person, please be faithful by doing something enlightened, being good listener, being a good student, being good sample until other people think we are the rational person.


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